Chapter 6 - Texture

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Louis sniffed the air, "this way!"

Harry rolled his eyes for the thirtieth time, "you have said this already."

"But this time it is right!" Louis pointed at a group of trees, "it is past here."

The King sighed loud, "it was past here the sixth time." He pointed behind them, "and past there the tenth." He shook his head, "you are lost, and you cannot smell your cave because it has already been occupied."

"No!" Louis groaned, stomping forward, "no, it has not!"

Harry looked up, "it is going to rain, and I do not wish to get wet. We have missed dinner with the house because of your stubbornness."

Louis frowned, touching the tree, "please, I know it is here. –You found me, was it not here?"

"No, it was not. I tried telling you which direction it was in, but you told me I was wrong." Harry crossed his arms, "and now we are lost, and we are leaving –if you are not, I am." He dipped his head before turning around. Harry stopped in place when Louis whined, "someone come from the bushes and strike me dead."

Louis hugged himself, sniffling, "I do not want to leave." He wiped his eyes, "we have to find him."

"What have I become?" Harry walked away, "it is night and I am wandering in a forest while my bed awaits me at home. I am a King –wandering a forest –for a rabbit? Surely I am losing my mind –right?" He kept walking, ignoring Louis' cries.

"Wait!" Louis sobbed, running after him. He whimpered, grabbing onto Harry's coat, "I will be killed out here." He looked around quickly, shuffling closer to Harry's warmth.

"You may look for him tomorrow –alone."

"You said I could die out here."

"Put me out of my misery." Harry stopped, Louis bumping into his back. He snatched his coat, throwing it over Louis' body. "Show yourself."

Louis shivered when three wolves crawled out of the bushes. He clutched his own robe, leaning into Harry.

Harry lowered his eyes, "we are passing through."

One slowly transformed, standing up tall, "You are not allowed out here."

Harry raised a brow, "says who?"

The wolf looked around, "says I."

The King smiled, "we are passing through, move."

The wolf glanced at Louis, "he is not Royalty. I cannot kill you, but I can kill him."

Louis hid his face in Harry's side, sniffing him, "mm..."

Harry tilted his head, "killing me is one thing –killing my Queen," He grinned, "I will have all of you burned alive in a pit."

The wolf growled low, stepping aside, "leave and do not come back. Unless he has a Royal mark, he will be killed."

Harry stepped away from Louis and the omega whined. He looked back, "just a moment, my love." The King stepped into the wolf's space, "I think you are confused." The wolf stood up straighter when Harry leaned in, whispering, "I do not care if I kiss babies and shake hands –I do not care if I smile and act kind." He growled deep in his chest, "You will not threaten me, and you will not threaten my soon-to-be." He swiftly grabbed the wolf's face, squeezing it painfully, cracking his jaw. Harry stepped back when the alpha screamed, transforming back.

"Louis," Harry opened his robe, "come, darling."

Louis ran under his robe, wrapping his body around Harry's long torso.

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