Chapter 26 - Love You

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"Ooh," Louis cooed, kneeling beside a small vase, "I want this."

Harry was behind him, looking around at the vendors, "this area looks more run down than it used to."

"I agree." Wisler walked up beside him, "odd."

"Yes." Harry looked down at Louis, squatting, "what have you found, strawberry?"

Louis pointed at the vase, "this, I want it –it is so cute and small." He picked it up, "please, alpha."

"We have already received many gifts. If we buy too many then we will not fit in the car."

Louis pouted, eyes wide, "please?"

"Fine." Harry kissed the top of his head, "you may have it, omega."

Louis hugged it close, "Thank you!" He stood quickly, "hello!"

The omega turned around, smiling, "hello –hello, my King." He looked at the vase, "would you like to purchase that?"

"Please," Louis leaned back against Harry's solid body, "how much is it?"

"It can be traded for something of the same value or bought for ten dollars."

Louis' eyes widened, "ten dollars?" He moved the vase away, staring at it carefully, "this is handmade?"

"Yes, of course. Everything here is made locally."

"Ten dollars?" He turned around to Harry, "twenty –a hundred."

"What?" Harry shook his head, removing a wallet from his pocket, "if it is ten, then it is ten. This is exactly how you spent over eighty-thousand dollars for no reason."

Louis glared at him as he handed the money away, "I thought you did not carry money on you."

Harry kissed his nose, taking a bag from the omega, "I do not but I had a feeling that you would be eager today."

Louis chased the kiss on his nose despite his annoyance. He turned back to the omega, "thank you very much."

The omega smiled, quickly turning when they walked away. Louis looked back at him calling over friends and pointing at them excitedly. Louis blushed, keeping close to Harry, "they are very different from the people back home."

Harry put an arm around Louis' shoulder, "they are, I appreciate it."

Louis pressed against his side, looking around. He grinned when he smelled something familiar, "mm, mm, mm." He wiggled away, leaving a huffing Harry and laughing Wisler behind him. "Fried bread, fried bread." Louis turned around, waving a hand, "itty-bitty!"

Harry was smirking when he walked over, "I wonder what you could want."

Louis grinned cutely, wiggling his toes, "please." He smiled when Harry kissed his nose again. Louis looked behind Harry, "Wisler, would you like?"

The alpha shook his head, "no thank you, Louis."

"Oh, come on. It is delicious." He wiggled a finger, "just have one."

Wisler laughed, "Okay, I will have one."

Louis hugged Harry's around his sides, looking under his arm at Atlas and Ixion who shook their heads but Louis stuck out his tongue, turning to the vendor. "Five please."

"Four," Harry corrected. The alpha gave him the amount and Louis handed out each fried bread as they came out. "Here," Harry gave him his before thanking the alpha.

Louis took it, taking a large bite, "mm, another one."

Harry licked his cheek of powdered sugar, "no, not another one." Louis whined, being silenced by Harry's tongue, cleaning his lips and corners of his mouth.

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