Chapter 4 - Downtown

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The omega was sat up, staring at the painting on the wall. "Yes?"

Niall held up a box, looking back. "Come in, he is awake."

Liam poked his head inside, smiling small, "hello Louis."

"Hello..." He rubbed his eye. He hadn't been able to take a nap, instead he stayed awake –staring at the painting on the wall. Harry picked every piece of art in this house and Louis was impressed that he had decent taste. The art work was by Yari Juni –Louis read a lot about her art work. She was blind but she still painted –Louis was fascinated by how it she could get each stroke to match up so well.

Louis started painting when he was one. He showed talent and, although expensive, his parents did buy him art supplies. He was pushed to do art, rather than wanting to. When you have an artist in the family, they could work for the king –and if they are underage, your whole family receives money.

Louis did love art though. He liked seeing something transform when it seemed like it never would. Louis worked hard, put blood and sweat into everything he made, whether he was forced or not –Louis made gold.

"Zayn has returned." Niall set the box beside the bed, "Harry has requested for your things to be brought, this is everything."

"Zayn, unfortunately, has not found your rabbit.

Louis nodded, "I am not surprised." He rubbed his hands over the blanket, "he only comes at night." Louis sighed softly, "my Thumb..."

Liam glanced at Niall, "A thumb?"

Louis shook his head, "I named him Thumb."

Liam smiled sadly, "I am sorry, we can ask him to search again."

"Please," Louis looked at the boxes, "thank you for bringing my things."

Niall bowed and grabbed Liam's hand, "we will leave you then-"

"Wait." Louis removed the blanket, legs going over the bed, "I –have a question."

Niall nodded, "yes?"

Louis looked at their hands, "what is a triad –to you? I've never heard of it before."

Liam moved his hand out of Niall's, hugging it close. "I will leave, please excuse me."

"No, please." Louis bit his lip, "I wish to know. It is only curiosity."

Niall crossed his fingers in front of him, "it –it is when you have two mates instead of one."

"I know, Harry said that but –what is it to you?"

Liam tilted his head, "I do not understand?"

"Why is it so wrong to everyone, but not to you?"

Niall swallowed hard, "It –is wrong to us."

Louis frowned, "then why continue it?" The two stared at him. "It cannot be so wrong if you continue doing it."

Liam's lip wobbled, "we should not –we just," He looked at Niall, "I love my alpha and I love my omega." Niall looked down.

Louis looked at his boxes, "Then, that is what a triad is to you..." He stood, "it does not sound wrong."

Liam took a deep breath, bowing, "thank you, Louis."

Niall bit hard on his lip when Liam left. "Thank you... for that."

Louis nodded, "it is not wrong to love two beings, I do not think."

Niall gave another short nod, "everything from the cave is in there. Are you hungry?"

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