Chapter 5 - Fur

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"Mm," Louis stirred softly, feeling the fur pressed to his cheek. He stretched his legs, curling his toes into the mattress. The omega blinked at the long window, rubbing his eyes at the dark sky.

"You are awake."

Louis sat up, fur to his chest. He looked Harry up and down, half-dressed in black pants. "Yes." He brushed his fingers down the soft fur, pressing his face into it. "Thank you –for allowing me to sleep here."

Harry grabbed his shirt off the bed, "it is early, sleep."

Louis nodded, "where –are you going?"

"Out." Harry walked to a chair, sitting, before grabbing his shoes. He tugged them on then stood. "Today we will have a practice run." He walked to his bed, "You will show me what you've learned, if you've learned nothing –you will go back in chains, real ones."

Louis swallowed hard, "I do not want them back on."

"Then make sure you practice well with Niall." He grabbed a coat before going to the door, "sleep –when you wake, greet Niall."

Louis sat up, "may I keep this –in my room?"

Harry looked at the fur, "no, it is mine, it stays in my bed."

Louis frowned, sleepy, "it is soft."

"Then we will find you fur." Harry opened the door, "goodbye."

The omega rubbed his eye, "...bye..."


"Good morning, Queen." Niall bowed before walking to the end of the bed. "How have you slept?"

"Well," Louis yawned, "what is this?" He squinted at Niall, "why are you being –talking different?"

"Our King has advised me that today will be your first official training day. Today you will be treated just as a Queen would –you will show our King how much you have learned."

Louis scrunched his brows together, "I have learned nothing."

Niall took a deep breath, licking his lips, "then our King will put chains on you –again, this time chains that will not come off."

Louis looked down, "where is he?"

"Our King has been out for the morning, you will start by showering." He walked around the side, holding out a hand, "up you go."

Louis held onto the fur with one hand and Niall's with the other. He stepped onto the floor slowly, "this is –odd."

"You are not making it any easier." Niall refrained from rolling his eyes, "you will bathe and then Liam will come and dress you." He glanced at the fur, "you may leave that."

"I wish to take it to my room."

"If that is what you wish," Niall sighed, "come –I will bathe you."

"I can bathe myself." Louis set the fur down, releasing Niall's hand. "I will be fine –hey!"

Niall pulled him, "listen, omega, you are annoying me. I will bathe you because it is my job."

Louis growled, "let me go –now!"

Niall released him, "I am done with you –do as you wish." He walked out of the room and a cold sensation slithered down his spine.

Louis took two steps before running into the hall, "fine –okay!" He threw up his hands, "okay!"

Niall spun around, "wash yourself, thief!"

"I can wash myself –that is all I am saying!" Louis groaned, "How incompetent would I be to not know how to wash myself?"

"I do what is told of me! I do not argue, I just do! If my King told me to walk off a building –I do it!"

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