Chapter 28 - Warm

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"This is," Harry swirled the glass of lemonade, "not supposed to be in a wine glass."

"It is to make it fancier." Louis set down the plates, "do not start yet. I will be right back."

Harry grabbed his wrist, "come eat."

"I must bring some to Atlas and Ixion."

"They can wait until after lunch, sit."

Louis did, at Harry's right side, looking around the table. "Niall and I made lunch today." He smiled wide at Liam who clapped. "I hope everyone likes it –I made the lemonade!"

Julie stared into her cup, "why is there a lemon peel in here?"

"I thought –it would look nicer." Julie smirked, and Louis held his breath when everyone took a sip. He curled his toes, "do you like it?"

Julie nodded, "it is delicious."

Louis quickly looked at Harry, "alpha."

Harry put his glass down, "it is very good."

The artist whined high, happy, cupping his hands together. He blushed, looking around the table at the surprised faces, "sorry." He looked back at Harry, worried, "I am sorry."

Harry smiled gently, "do not be, you are just happy."

Louis nodded, looking down at his plate of food that looked –pretty decent. He watched Harry take the first bite before everyone joined in. Louis couldn't pick up his fork, knots twisting in his stomach.

"It is good, Louis."

He looked at Zayn, "you like it?"

"Yes, very good." Zayn smiled, "very good job."

The omega smiled, palms sweating, "it was Niall and I-" He looked at Harry, "alpha."

Harry lifted a brow, moving the lemonade from his mouth. "Yes."

Louis squirmed in his seat, "do you like it?"

Harry nodded, "yes, it is good, omega."

The whine expelled from him again and Louis almost jerked out of his chair into the King's lap. He blinked quickly, "I am sorry."

Harry put a hand on his, "it is fine. Are you alright?"

"Mmhm." Louis quickly grabbed his fork, a little too anxious to eat. He mumbled a small, "happy".

"My King," Liam spoke up, "how did you like Louis' new robe?"

"Stunning, just beautiful." Harry touched the arm of the gold material. "It is the perfect color for him. I prefer it over our matching one." The alpha looked at Louis when he made a noise, "omega?"

Louis stood, "May I be excused?"

Harry stared at him for a moment before nodding, "you may?"

Louis bowed to him then to the table before skidding off to his art room. He closed the door, leaning on it, chest heaving up and down. "Oh Elements, calm my heart." Louis walked around the room, breathing in time with the small sounds coming from Thumb's cage.

The artist sat at his desk, ripping out a piece of paper and grabbing a pencil. He sketched quickly, sketching out the roses Harry had brought to him –stunned him with. Louis reached up for the markers, taking out the red color. He colored in the red roses, dropping the marker before leaning back and taking a deep breath.

Louis wanted to have sex.

Louis wanted Harry to give him children –and it was all hitting him so fast it made it hard to breathe.

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