Chapter 20 - Agreed

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"Harry!" Liam and Niall both called at the same time, running through the gate with their suitcases. The pair were all smiles, mouths dropping once they came close enough.

"Oh, my King."


Harry's outstretched arms dropped, "I know."

Zayn smiled as he approached, "left behind in the dust –oh Harry."

Harry then threw up his arms, turning around to enter the house. "Okay, I understand."

Liam and Niall quickly followed after him, "what happened?"

"Louis is," Harry fell onto the couch with a flop, "persistent."

Zayn closed the door, fixing the duffel on his shoulder, "I see."

The four looked up when Julie slid out of the hallway, hair wet from her shower, "oh." She grinned, sock-sliding closer to the three, "welcome back."

Niall licked his lips, trying not to smile, "Julie-"

"Oh no, it is fine." The alpha held out her hand, licking the corner of her mouth, sharp canines glistening in her mouth. "But I will take my money now."

"Money?" Harry sat up like a mummy would, "money?"

"My King," Zayn closed his eyes, lifting a finger, "we may –may have made a bet."

"A bet?"

"Yes, King, a bet that I won." Julie kept her hand out, "and when you win a bet, you receive a prize –a hundred dollars from each person, in this case."

"That!" Liam crossed his arms tightly, "we said we would do it in private!"

"My own family." Harry sat back against the couch, covering his eyes with his arm, "what was the bet –about the bite?"

Julie spoke up before anyone could, "I said that you both would bite one another –they said no which means I win."

"I said maybe," Niall mumbled. He glanced at Harry with a pout, "maybe..."

"Hm, that is true." Julie rubbed her chin, "it is fine, two hundred then."

"Two hundred what?" Louis came waddling inside the house, "oh –oh!" He ran to them, "hello Liam, Niall –Zayn!" He quickly hugged each person, "I missed you all!"

Liam smiled brightly, looking Louis up and down, "you look amazing!"

Niall walked around him, "truly." He tilted his head, "will the clothes you made fit him?"

"I did get fat." Louis turned to look at Julie and Harry, frowning, "you lied."

"I did not lie," Julie held up a hand. "He is not fat, he is swollen."

Zayn sat on the corner of the opposite couch, pursing his lips, "swollen would be the correct word."

Louis looked at Zayn, "not nice, Zayn."

Zayn shook his head, "I did not mean it wrongly –you look beautiful, Louis. You look healthy –happy." He looked at Harry, eyes closed with his head thrown back against the couch, "Our King even more so."

"That is what I said!"

Liam and Niall sniffed around Louis, "smells different."

"Oh Elements," Julie sat, "do not tell me he is pregnant."

The silence came so quickly.

"No." Niall shook his head, "no, not pregnant."

Louis glared at Harry's extra-loud sigh of relief, "really?"

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