Chapter 32 - Honey

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Harry kicked his feet quietly, watching his mother paint. She didn't look concentrated, a small smile on her lips as she dipped her brush into the color black. She always looked like this, happy, blissful while she painted. The omega set the brush down, adjusting her gown before standing, "come, alpha."

Harry quickly picked himself off the floor, grabbing her hand as they left her art room.



Harry smiled softly, looking up at his mother's long hanging curls. "Why does father not allow you to paint in the bedroom?"

Martha squeezed his small hand, "paint will get on things. You know how meticulous he is."

Harry dropped his head, watching his small feet beside his mother's bare ones. "How did you learn to paint so well?" He lifted his head as they reached the stairs, "I cannot."

"Anyone can paint, Harry. You have just never showed any interest."

"Yes, but I have tried. I am not talented."

"You are talented in what you wish to learn."

The young alpha released his mother's hand once they were downstairs, following behind her towards the dining room.

"Back straight, Harry."

"Yes mam."

Their feet fell in line with one another, Martha going to the right of her husband and Harry to the left of his father. He sat, bowing his head once they reached the table.

"About time." Rovan dug into his food first, Harry following, and then his mother. "Have you done your studies today?"

Harry purposely stuffed his mouth, chewing for a while before answering. "I did not have studies today."

"You have studies every day." Rovan scoffed, "you do not get a day off."

"That is not what my teacher said."

"Then she will be fired."

"It is a him."

Rovan glared at his son, "be careful." He picked up his wine, "one day you will be in this chair. I do not need all my hard work going to waste at the hands of a child." Harry snorted under his breath getting smacked over his head. "Alpha!"

He scooted back, "I am excusing myself."

"Harry," Martha sighed softly, "Rovan –may we please just eat in peace?"

"Tell that to your son!"

"Our son. –Harry, sit down, please."

The alpha swallowed before dropping into his chair, legs spread, "may I be excused?"

"No, eat." Rovan picked up his fork, pointing it at Harry's food, "I did not raise an ungrateful son."

"You barely raised a son."

"Get up –you can go to bed hungry."

"Sounds delicious." Harry bowed to his mother, "have a nice night, mother."

"I tell you that is not my son, Martha. Insolent."

"If that is what I am, then I am your son."

"Have you not left yet?" The King folded his hands under his chin, "you will grow up. You will learn."

Harry grinned, "If I do. I will make sure I learn what not to do."

Rovan smirked, "If you think that this is bad –just wait, Harry. You will see."

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