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When do you update?

When I can! If I take too long I try to do a double update!

How many chapters will this story have?

I have no idea, I would be lying if I said I did. I do not count chapters, I write until I feel like the story is done. Once I know I am down to the last three chapters, you'll know.

Will I write another ABO after I finish this and Warm Little Heart?

NOPE. If I write another ABO there is a chance that the three will begin to start looking the same. I NEED TO FINISH other works (I am sorry to the people who ask. I do not give up on my work, I swear. I look at every unfinished story often and I know I have to write them.) But, I have a lot of ideas; one being about (spoiler?): Louis not liking food and Harry being a chef. Fingers crossed.

Do you plan on printing your work?

Eventually but I don't know how I feel about making money off of real people. I would love to publish Cold Little Heart just so I could have a physical copy but I just don't know. I would love to also write a book with original characters. Time will tell.



"English is not my first language..."

People who write this to me are usually the sweetest and I NEVER would have known lol. Shout out to you all, I love you and your writing is perfect!


I got a question about bonding and I really want everyone to understand what bonding is (in my story). I tried to explain it to the person as easy as I could so I will use the same explanation:

To bond you need 3 things: 1. Elements 2. A bite 3. BloodThere are different types of bonds (no matter the type, a bond is a bond. This means either party is going to feel something): There are: one-sided/contract bond, spiritual, triads, alphaxalpha, omegaxomega, alphaxomega, and a quad. A quad is 4 beings in a relationship (I do NOT mention this kind of bond)Harry is in a ONE-SIDED bond with the twins. What does this mean? The twins drank Harry's blood, this made a blood contract and Harry scarred them. This is a bond where the twins would feel Harry's pain and would be heartbroken if he were to die. This is a perfect bond because they are his guards. This bond is NOT intimate.IF Harry just bit Louis, this would be an one-sided ownership bond. This bond would be intimate. Louis would feel like he is bonded and he would still be happy but it would feel different if they both bonded. E.g.: If you got married but you are the only one wearing a ring. You are still married but you would still want them to wear theirs too.Harry and Louis bite each other, this is a omegaxalpha bond (a normal bond) it is like if you both wore your wedding ring. You have each other's bite and blood.Wouldn't people expect to see 2 bites, one on Louis and one on Harry?

Yes and no. Louis did NOT have to bite Harry during their bonding, he could bite him whenever ("a bond is still a bond"). A consensual bond will form, not a nonconsensual one. If Harry would have stood his ground and said no then that would be it. Louis could try again and again for a year, if he wanted, until Harry agreed.

Why does Harry keep saying 'nothing will form'?

Because you need 3 things to form a bond: 1. 1. Elements 2. A bite 3. Blood, Harry thinks that the Elements will deny their bond. They have bitten each other and shared blood BUT have NOT asked the Elements for acceptance. Harry does not want a bite on his body because Harry is a playboy, his plans are crumbling in his face and he doesn't want to admit it.

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