Chapter 9 - Exception

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They arrived back at the castle unscathed and by car. The man had taken the same road and Louis practically bounced when they stopped at the house with the red door.

"You like that house?"

The omega quickly turned to Harry beside him, blushing, "it interests me."

"Hm," Harry closed his eyes as if he was tired, "I could tell from earlier."

Louis' blush deepened, surprised that Harry had even noticed while he had been reading. "I like the door."

Harry grinned, eyes still closed, "because of its contrast to the rest of the house."

Louis smiled, looking away, "yes..."


"This," Harry held up a hand to Louis, looking around at his staff, "is Louis." He grabbed the omega's small hand, kissing it. "He is my lover and will be treated as such."

Louis tried ignoring the gasps and wide eyes. He scooted closer to Harry, trying to hide.

"Louis is shy," Harry's voice was tender but with bite. "Louis has zero obligation to any of you or to this castle. He is to be treated with respect and care. My point," Louis shivered when Harry put a hand on his lower back. "Do not bother him."

The staff bowed their heads at Harry –mostly at the deep tone of his voice, one that demanded respect.

"Thank you," he gently ushered Louis to the side. "You all may return to work –oh." Harry held up a hand, pulling Louis back. He carefully tilted Louis' head back, "look up." The staff looked up at once. "Does everyone see these fingerprints?"

The staff nodded once.

"Erin has been fired." Harry's voice was venomous, "no one –no one is allowed to touch Louis. No one in this room has the right to put their hands on him." He let Louis curl back under his arm, "Erin was not warned so I have only fired him. All of you have now been, if he is hurt in this castle –it means death for the being who has the audacity." Harry cupped the back of Louis' skull, "dismissed."


Harry hadn't even said bye when he left, clearly in a hurry. Louis was alone in his bedroom and it was just –so over the top. Louis had seen the King of Wereborn's bedroom once, only once, but it had nothing on this room.

The bedroom actually bothered him somehow and it made him miss Harry's room in the house. The bedroom was huge, just absolutely –disgustingly –huge. The bed ate the room's space and the amount of fur –goodness, the amount of fur was shocking.

Louis liked the fur though.

It was weird to be treated so nicely by Harry –to be protected. Harry was different with these people, he wasn't necessarily nice to them unlike he was to his family. It was as if he didn't like these people –Louis was pretty sure he didn't like these people.

He was kind to the people of Arizella, his smile was actually genuine, and he seemed happy to see them even if it inconvenienced him.

He was kind to Louis around people and it was becoming a little addicting even if for a short time. His touches were light, affectionate and, Louis wished, they were real. Harry was playing the part well, Louis was failing at it. He was nervous, shy and absolutely terrified someone would recognize him or question his looks. Louis was confident in his art, not so much in his looks.

The nice clothes and jewelry can only hide so much of his messy, non-Royal-ness.

His body was thin, too thin, he was short, now covered in thin scars that were done healing –by his standards, unfit to be a Queen. Louis felt ugly to put it plainly.

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