Chapter 15 - Wow

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"I want you to call Julie." Louis stared at his plate of French toast while Harry sat at his desk. "I want you to say sorry and thank you."

"Over confidence is a problem for you."

Louis cut into his food, eating, "this is good." The plate wasn't as pretty as the one from the place they'd been to, but it was still delicious. "I want her to be home when I arrive this afternoon. I want to say thank you to her."

"I do not go back on punishments." Harry organized a few papers, stapling them together. "I almost fired her last night and she knows that. Everyone heard me when I said not to scent you. It is not my problem that she did not listen." He lifted a hand before Louis spoke, "even if she helped."

"Were you jealous?"

"No." Louis was sat crossed legged at the table in the alpha's office, still in nothing but a shirt and Harry's fur. "Why do you have my fur, you have fur?"

"My fur is at home –cleaned."

"You have the fur that Liam gave you last night."

"I do not like that fur." The small omega popped a raspberry into his mouth. "I like yours and I like mine." Harry rolled his eyes, taking a moment to eat his own breakfast. "So, you were not jealous? Not even a little?"

"No. I was furious because my rules were ignored."

"Did Evy tell you everything we spoke of?"


"He thought I was going to fire him."

"As if you have the power."

Louis used his fork to cut into his scrambled eggs, his other fork from last night between his thighs. "He was crying –said he could not go back home."

"Evy is from the mountains of Arizella. I travel there often, and it is how I found him. He is from a Clan but went to public school. Clans do not appreciate being abandoned and so he is not welcomed back home." Harry scratched his scalp, eyes squinted in confusion while reading. "He has made a family here in the castle."

"Oh." Louis poked his food, hungry, but his thoughts were flooded with last night. He hadn't been completely thinking when he commanded the alpha, but Harry hadn't said no either. Last night was probably one of the best nights he'd slept since living in the house. Harry was there, they were safe, he was the warmest omega in the world with the warmest alpha in the world.

Everything was pretty much perfect.

Except for the fact that when Louis woke up, it started all over. He gets to pretend alongside Harry, in this never-ending confusing cycle. Louis wondered if this could do some type of psychological harm to his brain –to his heart.

"I will bring some cake home for Atlas and Ixion." Harry glanced up at him. "Why did they not celebrate with us?"

"Because they have a job."

"Protect you."

"Protect the house. If Zayn is here, I do not need them."

"Is two not better than one?"

"Zayn could overpower them easily, he could possibly even overpower me." Harry stapled another stack, "When I looked for a guard I only wanted one, someone strong –stronger than me. Zayn is the strongest being I know."

Louis pressed the teeth of the fork against his lip, "Why would you want someone stronger than you?"

"Because then why would I need them? If I can take care of the problem myself."

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