Chapter 25 - Lemonade

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The ride through Arizella felt long and Louis was happy that Harry had convinced him to bring his sketch book. Harry wanted him to show what he had drawn to some people and Louis had been nervous to do so because it wasn't his best works but Harry pushed it and he had.

Louis could draw while Harry and Wisler spoke about things he should be paying attention to.

Harry bit his thumb, "they are farmers who may already feel ill of us because of our advancement. Offering just money will not be enough." He twisted his lips, "their produce is better than any produce we produce. It is the produce of the Castle, but I want it to be the produce of Arizella." Harry shook his head, "but he doesn't understand, he always comes back at me."

"They will have to work twice as hard to produce."

"Which I would help him higher workers."

"Workers who are not farmers and are not up to his standards." Wisler licked his lips, "Jackson likes you but he does not trust you. He needs a reason to because if he agrees then we have plenty more of them who will follow." Wisler held the binder on his lap, "like cows to slaughter."

"This should not be slaughter. We are helping him and he is helping us. He receives more business and we receive the highest quality produce."

Louis looked up from his work, looking in front of him at Ixion and Atlas. He smiled at them when they looked at him, "hi..."

They dipped their heads with small smiles.

Louis then looked to Harry, "alpha."

Harry's head snapped to him as if he had forgotten that Louis was there –probably had. "Yes omega?"

"Why does he not want money?"

"Because they are farmers, humble people. They hardly use Arizella's currency, instead they use trade among one another. They would rather keep a distance from the city life but are kind enough to supply produce and meat to the castle."

Louis nodded slowly, "have you asked him what would persuade him?"

"Of course, my love." Harry shrugged softly, "he will not say."



"If you will just give us a minute Wisler."

"Yes, my King. I will be right outside."

Wisler closed the door and Louis was too busy staring at the farm land, completely opposite of what he was used to seeing of Arizella. The colors were richer, browns and greens –dark reds.


"Hm?" Louis looked at Harry quickly, "yes alpha?"

"Listen please, I do not want to hear later that I did not tell you." Louis nodded once. "Atlas will keep watch of you and Ixion will keep watch of me."

Louis looked at Atlas, giving him a smile. "Okay."

"They are a set of my guards that will stay as one and two. Ixion is one and Atlas is two."

Louis nodded, "okay."

"Stay close to me while we are here and, if I must be away, you will stay near Atlas. Atlas, if you lose him, I will kill you."

"Yes, Master."

"Do not say that!" Louis growled, snatching his backpack, "awful, he will not lose me!"

"Am I talking to you?" Harry held up a hand before Louis could speak. "Did you hear me, Atlas?"

"Yes, Master."

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