Chapter 12 - licking

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"Master." The twins went to their knees, heads bowed to the King.

Harry took a deep breath, head in hand. "Did you see Louis leave?"

"Yes, master." One of the two looked up, eyes glossy. "He ran off through the bushes."

"Hm," The alpha rubbed his face, groaning. "I will go find him before he is killed –or worse."

"Yes, master." Both stood at the same time, looking up.

Harry closed his eyes, worn-out. "I am –so tired." He shook his head, "I do not have the time –I just," He rubbed the inner corners of his eyes and the twins moved closer.

"Master –please rest, we will bring him back."

Harry stared at the floor, breathing, "Why-" he stood, back cracking as he did. "Why have you been speaking with him?"

The twins stiffened, dropping again to their knees. "He has –been speaking to us, master..."

"We have done nothing wrong."

"Did the message relay wrong? Did I not say to not speak with him?"

"Yes, master."

Harry twisted his mouth, too tired to be angry –too annoyed to be angry with them. "I cannot defend myself this tired –I need you to follow me. I will be in flesh."

"We can bring him home, master."

"He is mine," Harry's eyes darkened, "I will bring him."

"Yes, master."

The King rolled his shoulders, "I will miss my massage –great. –you will walk beside me."

The two looked at each other, eyes wide, before looking at their King. "Beside you?"

"Yes, I do not want anyone coming close." He walked through them, growling, "Obnoxious omega."


"Sh, sh." Louis hushed Thumb, stroking his fur. He looked around his old cave, smelling a few different smells but none permanent. He laid on his side, fur on his shoulders, "we are safe here."

Louis curled further in the corner, whimpering at the breeze. The cave was damp now, but it was still his cave. It was not Harry's delicious bed nor the art room, but it was his. Louis experienced this before just not so strongly. He never wanted to nest so badly, to be alone but cuddled at the same time. He wanted Harry –right now. Louis never craved this type of attention –affection.

But Louis was not about to sacrifice his safety for someone who hated him –someone who didn't care. If he wasn't going to help him feel safe, then Louis would have to take things into his own hands and make himself safe.

Safety was one thing and Evy was another.

Louis was jealous –greedy, and it felt disgusting. It felt unknown –new and, as much as Louis did not want to leave the house, he had to. He had to show his anger somehow, remind himself that this relationship was fake. Remind himself that every touch, kiss, and praise had already been used on another.

Louis growled, laying Thumb on his thighs so he wouldn't squeeze him.

He had been trying –Harry even agreed! Harry said he would start trying and, instead of listening, he ran. Louis had been running his whole life and this was no different. He was going to find his own alpha –Louis had almost laughed when the words left his mouth. Unable to fathom an alpha stupid enough to hold onto him.

Harry was giving him everything –things anyone would be grateful for –especially a thief.

Harry hadn't killed him yet –Harry hadn't called Wereborn to take him away. Harry could ruin Louis' life –truly send him six feet under.

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