Chapter 1 - Arizella

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Louis took a deep breath crawling across the tall grass on his hands and feet. He scurried past a bush, peaking out to make sure the coast was clear.

The short omega dashed to the high walls, digging his nails into the concrete. It hurt, but it would definitely hurt more to go through the barbed wire.

He looked around quickly, walking with his back dragging against the rough stone. Louis cut his eyes at the silence, pupils focusing on the tall wolf statues surrounding the immense home.

He should probably leave.

He stole from people quite often –it took practice and patience. He was small, so that helped him get past guards. Pharmacies had scent blockers so no one could smell him coming. They only lasted a short time, so he had to work fast.

Louis had just moved to this area after being black-listed in his hometown. He had a high price over his head –dead or alive.

Louis may have 'stolen' a crown that he made for the King's wife. He'd taken months to finish sculpting it –it was not his fault that the Queen was made of trash. It was not his fault for snatching the crown off her disgusting head.

He made it –if she didn't like it, he had every right to take it back.

Although no one else thought so.

He's been living in Arizella for about two months. Arizella is the capital of Gilden. Gilden is a country belonging to wolves.

He was born in Wereborn, living there is entire life. Arizella is said to be where you begin life. It is a beautiful land, prosperous –the people are kind. Royals in Arizella made sure their people were not starving or homeless –people were safe in Arizella.

And that is why he was there.

States cannot cross over other states to make arrests, depending on the offense. If Louis had killed Royalty –he would be dead by now.

Stealing from Royalty is punishable by death. Each state has its own ways of performing the act. In Wereborn, you are killed in front of the square. People travel just to see executions.

Because Louis stole from Royalty, Wereborn can hunt him down and bring him back, but –because he is in Arizella, they cannot. They are the law of their own land, as long as Louis doesn't get in trouble here, he is safe.

He's trying to start over –begin a life of not stealing, but he is hungry.

Louis learned a few things during his short life; no one likes omegas, unless they are submissive. No one feeds you, unless you feed them first. No one cares about you, unless you are important.

So, Louis took care of himself.

He looked back at the concrete wall, considering leaving. If he left, there was no food –if he didn't, he'd eat. If he gets caught, Louis will be killed.

One more night hungry shouldn't kill him.

It is just best if he leaves, so he is.

He jogged backwards before taking off. He made it just halfway up the wall when he was pulled back to earth. The omega mewled in pain, clutching his shoulder. He growled at the guard standing tall over him, exposing his canines, keeping his eyes open wide for movement. Louis scurried back, fist bawled tight; growling louder when the alpha came closer.

The guard was unmoved –it was so dark, he couldn't even see his eyes.

The omega screamed at the pain against his back, not registering how fast the alpha slammed into him. He pulled Louis up by his throat, pulling him from the wall just to slam him back against it. The alpha did this three times, building up a numb pain over the stretch of his skin. He hung limp, air supply cut off by the hand that squeezed his neck hopelessly harder.

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