Chapter 40 - Queen of Arizella

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Louis entered the dining room running, "Niall! Liam!"

The two looked up from Liam's journal, "Louis?"

The queen covered his mouth, "I did something bad."

The blonde omega smiled softly, much calmer these days. "What could you have done, omega?"

Louis pressed his lips together, hands behind his back. "I -I," He swallowed. "I contacted Humans."

Liam blinked once, then twice before shooting up from his chair. "What!"

Louis whined, covering his mouth again. "I have been in contact with them for days!"

"Ho -how?" Niall slid out of his chair, going behind Louis to look outside the door. He closed it slowly, "how? Does Harry know?"

"No." Louis bit his lip, "only you both know. Since my law passed that no one is allowed to read another's mail -he has not read it."

"And he does not see it is from outside Arizella?"

"I always get to it before he does." Louis quickly sat in the chair Niall had been in, looking up at Liam. "Tell me I will not be in trouble."

Liam hissed softly, "you are our Queen, Louis, you cannot get in much trouble with anyone but your alpha. But I do not think Harry will take kindly to you going behind his back."

Niall stepped closer, "why are you going behind his back?"

"I want to retrieve his mother's artwork, so that I can put it up at the Castle." Louis hugged himself, "I want them back safe and sound." He shrugged, "I was going to ask Ixion and Atlas but-"

"Do not dare," Niall cut his eyes. "It is best to keep them out of it."

"I know..." Louis huffed when he heard a whine, "Alaska has been so fussy." He stood quickly, "I will be back, I have more to tell. Do not speak about it!" Louis threw the door open, startling at Zayn.

"Do not speak about?"

Louis smiled apprehensively, "Zayn, what Element do you think made you? You are so beautiful."

Zayn grinned, leaning down to whisper in Louis' ear; "I hear everything, omega." He stood up straight, dipping his head, "my Queen. Alaska has woken up."

Louis bit his lip, nodding, "I hear." He took a deep breath, shuddering when Zayn's hand brushed his.

"Fire, I would think, my Queen."

Louis smiled fondly, walking down the hall to Harry's and his old room. "Hey," He frowned, hands on his hips when he saw Alaska in front of Thumb's cage. "Thumb is sleeping, and you should be too, princess."

Alaska frowned, rubbing her eye, "no mommy."

"Yes Alaska." He picked her up, kissing her cheek. "You are not tired?"


"Okay," Louis sighed, checking on his other children before exiting the room. He went downstairs to the kitchen, touching Ixion's back. "Good afternoon." He hugged the alpha, "and Atlas?"

"In the bathroom. He will be right back." Ixion grinned at Alaska when she reached for him. "Did she wake now?"

"No," Louis snorted. "She will not sleep!" He propped a hip on the counter, shaking his head at his daughter who whined. "Why have you been so upset today, sweetheart?"

Alaska answered by sticking her fingers in her mouth and nuzzling Ixion's neck.

"Good afternoon, omega."

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