Chapter 36 - Perfect

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Ixion and Atlas bowed before going to the kitchen where the blonde was. Niall turned around, eyes glossy, "good afternoon."

Atlas smiled slightly, "good afternoon, Niall." He tilted his head, "and Zayn?"

"Why do you ask?"

Ixion swallowed, "you know why."

Niall set the head of lettuce down, leaning on the counter. "He went out with Liam to buy a few things..."

"For your heat?"

"Yes..." The omega hugged himself, "I hate my heat."

Atlas blinked quickly, "what?"

"I just -I hate doing nothing. I hate being taken care of all the time." Niall growled, "I love my omega, and I love my alpha but -I hate feeling spoiled."

Ixion came closer, putting a hand on Niall's shoulder, "do you hate it because you deserve it?" He shook his head, "your biggest problem was always accepting things you deserve."

"I do not-"

"You have helped Louis so much, I think you do not understand. You have helped -everyone that lived in this house. You work hard, too hard for no reason, Niall. Take some time for yourself."


Niall straightened, "in -kitchen!" He shook his head, wiggling his fingers, "goodness."

"Relax," Ixion spoke just before Liam entered the kitchen.

"Ixion, Atlas."

"We have brought Louis for his check up and we were just talking to Niall."

"Oh," Liam nodded, smiling, "Niall's heat is soon." Niall blushed, crossing his arms. "We will have the house to ourselves."

"And Julie."

Liam grinned, "will be in the castle -with Rose."

"Where is Zayn?"

"Coming -he is speaking to the driver." Liam went to his omega, growling when Niall moved away. "Stop it." He kissed the blonde's cheek, mumbling against it. He looked at Ixion and Atlas, "will you all stay for lunch?"

"If Louis wishes to."

"Omega." Zayn glanced at Ixion and Atlas, raising a brow.

"They came for Louis' checkup."

"I see." Zayn set down the bags, tilting his head at Niall. "Are you trying to hide?"

Niall was, curling against Liam, eyes roaming around. "Yes."

Zayn smiled, "you cannot hide from me. You know this."

Niall whined, pressing his lips to Liam's arm, mumbling. Liam leaned closer to hear what he was saying. The omega smiled, blush across his own cheeks, "he wants his collar."

"Of course, baby." Zayn held out a hand and Niall latched on. He nodded at Liam, "finish lunch for Niall, please."

"Yes, alpha."

"No," Niall whined but was picked up when he tried going back. "No!"

Atlas looked at Liam once he could no longer hear Niall's whining. "Stubborn as always."

Liam grinned, "yes. My precious baby." He turned towards the lettuce, looking around. "Salad, salad." Liam grabbed tomatoes from the basket. "Are you both excited for the baby?"

"Yes, very." Ixion leaned on the counter, "We will go shopping for many things soon. To fill the den."

"Louis' nest is quite large, but he wants a small nest for the baby."

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