Chapter 23 - A baby

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"Hm?" Louis looked up, "hello Wisler."

Wisler smiled, holding up a little bag, "my King has asked me to pick up something for you." He handed it over, "I must be on my way, lunch was excellent. You engaged really well."

Louis smiled, rubbing his blush, "thank you, Wisler. You are very kind."

"Of course, Louis." He bowed, "I will see you tomorrow when you and our King travel to Shauna."

"Yes, I am very excited." Louis hugged the small bag, "thank you."

"Have a good day, Louis." Wisler left and Louis dug into the bag full of tissue paper.

There were two nail polishes, one lavender and the other was a soft yellow color. Louis lifted the polish, shaking them, "pretty." He picked up his drawing, putting the polishes back in the bag. Louis stepped out of the window seat, walking down the hall and to the stairs.

He went back down when he saw Evy, "Evy!"

The omega looked at the staircase, bowing, "Louis."

Louis hugged his things to his chest, "hi –I know Harry already said thank you for earlier but I wanted to say thank you as well. Lunch went smoothly because of everyone's effort."

He smiled, "thank you, Louis."

"Are you –excited about tomorrow? About sitting at the big table?"

"Uh, yes."

Louis frowned, "do not lie..."

Evy shrugged softly, "I do not know. I think it will be a little uncomfortable. I just do not want to cause friction."

"It is only fair, you all do twice as much work."

"But they make sure everything flows smoothly, our jobs are different."

"Yes, and you work just as hard." Louis smiled, "it will be fine." He pinched his bottom lip, "Thank you for –just –"

Evy smiled, eyes glistening, "of course, Louis. I am excited for you –for Harry."

Louis bit his lip, going back down a step, "you have not-"

"No." Evy shook his head quickly, "nothing. My King has treated me as he always had since before and during. It is purely professional, I swear."

Louis breathed a sigh of relief, "and with anyone else?"

Evy bit his lip, "I am not sure, Louis, I would be lying if I said I knew for sure. I do know that I have not seen anyone come into the castle with him." He rubbed his arm, "he usually does not bring anyone here, always to his home so I think you would know first." Louis nodded rigidly and Evy touched his arm, "I think you should not worry. He really loves you."

Louis believed the words for a moment.

"When he looks at you, he cannot help but smile."

Louis nodded, trying to smile back, "thank you, Evy."

Evy looked around, "if –if I see something, I will tell you."

Louis blinked quickly, "thank you –I am grateful." He turned around and then back around, "I am sorry for disliking you before I knew you. I knew nothing about you and I-"

"Louis," Evy stepped closer, whispering, "I was sleeping with your alpha. I should be apologizing. You had every right, it will not happen again."

Louis let the words wash over him, partly angry but also relieved, "thank you again."

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