Chapter 10 - Thumb

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"Liam has brought you clothes." Harry tossed him a long shirt, "a Queen does not walk around naked."

Louis caught the long shirt. The collar was a V, with shiny swirls over the silk material. "Thank you." He quickly put it on, smoothing it down as it reached mid-thigh.

"Dinner is soon." The alpha pulled on his shirt, drying his hair once more. "It will be a long night." He sighed, looking at the clock on his nightstand, "never enough time."

Louis crumpled his fingers together, "do you go to the castle tomorrow?"

"Yes, this week will be long as well. I will not have a day to stay home." He shook his head, "I will need to sleep there for a night or two."

Louis frowned but nodded, "may I come?"

"It is better if you do not. I will be working alongside Council. You cannot come to the Council with me." He walked to the door, holding it open. "Hurry, we will be waiting for you."


Louis came to the table slowly, with a small frown when he thought about his carrot soup. He took a seat at the only available seat, right of Harry. The omega sat slowly, feeling eyes on him. Once seated, Harry spoke; "Louis was seen today, as you all know. We have been established –we have been photographed, which means by tomorrow all of Arizella will know his face." He leaned forward; hands folded. "Louis is to be taught. He must learn many things before he is to address the public. He is not Queen yet so his presence is not needed so heavily, although everyone will still wish to see him." He took a deep breath, "everyone must teach Louis. He is to have two hours of transformation a day. His wandering will need to be brought down to a minimum for now. Niall will be in charge of mathematics and posture, including walking and eating. Liam, you will work on his speech and his writing –he must learn the elements. Julie, I need bi-weekly examinations of Louis, just as you give me. I want his weight, height, his health. I need joint help –even if it means Julie will also assist in teaching Louis math or the elements. It must be a family effort." He sat back, "I will also become a teacher –while Louis and I work on forming a better relationship." Harry looked at the nervous omega beside him, "Everyone must put in the effort, Louis. Our family will do their part and so you must do yours."

Louis nodded quickly; hands folded tightly in his lap.

"Everyone heard correctly. Louis, for the time being, is family. If he will be Queen, then he will be your Queen. Take it seriously." The alpha looked around the table, "avoid fighting –physical and verbal. Louis is not to have a visible mark on him. We have less than a week in a half for the Festival, as always I expect everyone to enjoy themselves, stay out –have a good weekend." He sighed, "Until then, I need everyone focused." He lifted his wine glass, "Niall, when you are ready."

"Yes, my King." Niall stood to serve the plates, Liam following to help.

Harry set down his cup, smirking at Julie. "A question?"

Julie smirked back, "not at all. I cannot say that I am not excited to see how this plays out."

Harry took a deep breath, "excited may be the wrong word."

Julie looked at Louis, "are you excited, Queen?'

Louis was completely stiff, "no."

The alpha laughed, "No? Why not?"

Louis shook his head, "I am just –scared."

"Fear will ruin you." Harry moved back as Niall set down his plate. "We will practice tonight." He sat up once all the plates were set. He looked at Louis, "as you know, napkin in your lap."

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