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NOTE: Queen of Arizella is not for everyone, as is every story. If there is any part of the story you dislike, that is fine –that is normal. If there is something you dislike AND want me to change, comment and then stop reading. I do not change my thought process for anyone, I have before and I will not now. I love when I get nice comments but bad comments are always welcomed as well. You may like my other works but not like this one (because Harry is mean, a dick, an asshole, 'abusive', rude, has sex with others, etc.) and that is OKAY. I do not expect people to like everything I write but that is the beauty of writing. On to the questions:

Who are you?

Hello, my name is Marie and I am 25 years old. I had alot more written here but I erased it. I think the most important thing about me is that I'm kind and I love writing :)

When do you update?

I do NOT have a set update schedule. I am bad a commitments and so I update when I can. Some stories are just easier to write so I tend to update them more often. (Although I do seem to have a pattern of updating Queen of Arizella once a week)

Do you have a Wattpad? Do you have a Twitter? Do you have an Instagram? Do you have a Snapchat?

Yes, I have a Wattpad to keep up with translations. No, I do not have Instagram or Snapchat. My twitter is: CamelliaCurls

Do you edit your own work?

HA, barely! I swear, I read through it so fast and I just cross my fingers lol. I do not have a beta. I usually read it on my phone at some point and it makes it easier to spot mistakes.

Will Louis find a new alpha?

No. Louis will NOT find a new alpha because then I would have put Louis Tomlinson/OC. I know some of you want that or wanted that but no. This is a Larry story and that will NOT change.

Why is everyone so mean to Louis? (This is a question asked earlier in the story, not so much now.)

I have read this a million times, sometimes people just say it but then others are actually asking like; 'wtf is wrong with Harry?' And that's fine, I ask myself that as I write; 'like damn, Harry, lighten the fuck up.' Keep saying it... BUT there are people who are legit asking, why. Okay. Louis is not 'special' when he climbs that wall onto Harry's property. Yes, he was 'special' because he was able to climb the wall but not like –special, special. Let's say a different person climbed the wall, they would be killed because they are trespassing on private property. On Harry's private property. The reason you feel bad is because it is Louis and not some random unseen character. Louis offers himself so he won't die and Harry accepts. They are mean because this is a stranger, who entered their property, wanted to steal from them. BUT, remember, they were not always mean, Harry was always mean-ish. Everyone was nice at first, look back. They don't care for Louis because he is NOT special to them. He is unknown and they know he has a time limit being there. Simply said: Louis is not special, he doesn't get special treatment because he's an omega or your favorite character.

Why is Niall so mean? Why is he abusive? (This is a question asked earlier in the story, not so much now.)

Niall wasn't always mean. Niall was nice at first but he's not putting up with bullshit. | Niall slapped Louis. He sees Harry as a god, his King, and he loves him like family (HINT: FAMILY AMONG WOLVES IS SUPER TIGHT. They do not take kindly to threats and strangers. THEY ARE LIKE ANIMALS, REMEMBER!). If someone was going off about someone you love, who they do not know, would you slap them? Maybe not, because we are all different but some people would. He did NOT beat Louis, he slapped him. Niall is verbally abusive? Uh, not really. He says the truth. He tried to be nice and Louis was throwing a fit so nice stopped and Louis stopped. You will learn more about Niall.

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