Chapter 7 - Head

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Louis looked around, smiling at the faces smiling back at him. He tipped toed towards a familiar smell, "mm –mm." Louis peered over the counter, blinking, "hello."

The old alpha smiled kindly at him, "hello omega –what may I get you today?"

Louis licked the corner of his mouth, "um –nothing, thank you." He chuckled nervously, "it smells very good."

The vendor nodded, "please let me know if you change your mind."

Louis nodded, biting his lip when the male turned around. He glanced around quickly, reaching over the counter –so close to grabbing the fried dough cooling there.

"My Queen." Louis froze mid-way, snatching his hand back. The hairs at the back of his neck stood up when Zayn whispered in his ear. "What are you doing?"

Louis took a deep breath, "nothing."

"Hm," Zayn slid beside him. "Did you want some?"

Louis bit down on his cheek, "yes –but I do not have money."

"I see." Zayn lifted his hand, catching the vendor's attention. "One please."

Louis turned around, arms folded, "of course."

"Louis," Zayn gave him his food before grabbing his arm. "Let us take a walk."


"I was not going to steal it!"

"No?" Zayn blinked, uninterested, "what do you call taking someone's things without their consent?"

Louis nibbled on his bread, "borrowing."

Zayn shook his head, "do not start your temporary life as a thief –again."

"I asked Harry to come out with me." The omega took a big bite of his food, knees near his chest. "He said he was busy –but he was just with an omega."

Zayn sighed, looking up at the soft swaying trees. "It does not give you a reason to steal, Louis."

Louis wiggled on the large rock he sat on, "I did not steal anything and I know it would not –if I was stealing –which I was not."


Louis put his head on his knee, looking around the bustling area. "Is Liam okay?"

"He is." Zayn looked at him, "why do you ask?"

Louis shrugged, bread against his lips, "Harry said that he made him cry." The omega watched a small child run around his mother, waving an Arizella flag. "Says that he forgets how to talk to Liam –that he is sensitive."

Zayn hummed, crossing his fingers. "Liam is very sensitive –it is nothing for you to worry about."

"Hm," Louis took another bite, chewing in thought. "I am glad he called you."

"You should not speak with a full mouth, Queen."

Louis swallowed, "I am surprised. I bet he listened to me."


"Niall, Liam and you being together." Louis smiled at a laughing couple. "Maybe he is changing his mind."

Zayn stood up, crouching in front of Louis, "what did you tell our King?"

Louis' eyes grew fearfully, "I –only said that I do not believe triads are bad. That Niall and Liam are not happy from what I see –that you should be together."

Zayn's mouth parted in awe, "what did he say?"

Louis relaxed a little, "that it is seen as wrong –I thought he was ignoring me but –but he may have been listening."

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