Chapter 16 - Heat I

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When Harry entered the warm house, Louis stayed seated. Watching Niall and Liam greet him before the alpha eventually made his way over to him.

Harry looked down at the children's book in the omega's lap, "no greeting for me?"

Louis shrugged softly, "I am reading."

"I thought you wanted a break today?"

"Yes, but I am reading because I want to."

Harry raised a brow at Louis' bland voice, "what are you reading?"

"The Lion." Louis held up the hardcover book, showing the King the lion on the front. "It is a rhyming book for children."

The alpha chuckled, putting a hand in Louis' hair, "I see." He touched one of the many little butterfly clips, "you like clips in your hair –you put so many."

Louis sighed, "I do."

Harry sat, bringing his chair closer to Louis, "I came to have lunch with you."

"I know."

"You do not seem happy."

"I want to be in our nest." Louis' eyes were half-closed, "but I started reading because I knew you were coming..."

"You are still tired."


Louis was about a hop, skip and a jump away from going into heat. It was odd how just this morning he did not smell as sweet as he did right now.

"How are you feeling –aside from tired?"


"Are you hungry?"



"I have not eaten."

Harry looked back at Liam and Niall, "why has he not eaten?"

"We tried my King, sometimes he would allow us in the room and a few seconds later he would start screaming." Liam frowned, "we brought food but he thought it was poisoned."

Louis opened his book again, reading. Harry took it, "look at me." Louis did. "They are my family –they are your family. They would never poison you. This house is safe and everyone who lives here is safe." He rubbed Louis' pink cheek with his thumb, "your alpha is telling you this. Would I lie to you?"

"I do not know..." The omega made himself small, bringing his knees up. "I am hungry..."

"I know you are." Harry stood, leaving the book. "I will make him lunch."

Niall's eyes widened and, when Liam took in the words, so did his. "Oh –I –my King." The blonde omega bit his lip, "you –are you sure? I can cook."

Harry smirked, "maybe I cannot cook as well as you, Niall, but I can cook." Niall broke out in a deep blush. "I was on my own once upon a time."

"I –did not mean anything by it, my King."

The alpha chuckled, "I will cook him lunch –have you eaten?"

"Oh, yes –we have."

"And Zayn –Julie?"

"Yes, we all ate together."


"And Atlas and Ixion?" The three looked to Louis, scrunched up and sad in the large dining chair. The book was being hugged to his chest, pout on his lips, "have they had lunch?"

"They do not eat lunch."

Louis slowly put his feet to the floor, "you do not feed them lunch –when they are outside every day?"

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