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The Prophecy by UnSold
The Prophecyby UnSold
Draco Malfoy the Guardian of the Stars, Pansy Parkinson the Queen of Parkinson Loona Lagoon and Blaise Zabini the inventor are all part of a prophecy that will change th...
Beautiful Crime by TCX_2001
Beautiful Crimeby TCX_2001
"My friend has never lost a card game," Nick boasted confidently, hoping at least this time due to the presence of the fellow Alpha he could redeem the little...
Benevolence by notheartbrouken
Benevolenceby notheartbrouken
Harry is the King of Narnia, Louis stumbles in on accident, and no one can quite believe it happened. No one really wants to tell Louis about the prophecies, either.
The Second Age of Dark by Arvernii
The Second Age of Darkby Dominic
*You don't need to be a 1D fan to enjoy this story* 'The Sun never sets in Anor Londo' or so the saying goes and it's true; there hasn't been a night in centuries, for H...
Gray, Not Pink. by stylesstarksnow
Gray, Not Sahine Styles
"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
Harry Styles Imagines !  by HarryEstyl3s
Harry Styles Imagines ! by Harry’s boots
Harry styles imagines . ------------------------- •This is my first book , Which means it probably will not be the best . •This book consist of Fluff , not smut (sorry...
karma by HopeStyles417
karmaby Hope Styles
An ancient tale told by generation to generation, about the cruel king and his fearless Queen. A tale of cruelty, power, hatred,revenge and love.
The Blood Rose by toveroses
The Blood Roseby Tove
He's known for his ruthlessness across the kingdoms, destroying anyone or anything that gets him what he wants. An arranged marriage is pushed in order to insure your pe...
Courtly Amour  by andi_horan
Courtly Amour by andi_horan
In 1350, marriage between nobles is more about the benefits that will come from it, not about love. Courtly Love is a way to not be completely miserable in the arranged...
Forgotten Saviour: Year 1 & 2 [DISCONTINUED, IM SORRY] by littlemafoy33
Forgotten Saviour: Year 1 & 2 [ Pluto & Cupid
After that night, Hadrian's life was never the same; But for the better or worse? Read to find out Similar to some fics I've read. First fic. start-December 11th 2021 ✨M...