Chapter 29 - Rut

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"And this?" Louis held up the short dress, "how would this look?"

Niall tilted his head, hand-in-hand with Liam, "it is quite short."

Louis frowned, looking it up and down, "yes, you are right." He hung it back up, looking through more clothes, "I think black would be nice." The omega pulled out an off the shoulder dress, "it is longer."

Liam smiled, "it is nice."

Louis hugged the dress, giggling, "I am so excited." He took a deep breath, calming down. "Our first real date." Louis spun around, hands on his pearls, "I think it will be perfect."

"Excuse me."

Louis looked behind Liam and Niall. He stepped forward, putting a hand on their entangled ones that almost pulled apart. "Hello?"

The worker smiled at him, blushing, "hi –my name is Jen."

Louis smiled back, putting his dress over his arm, "hello Jen, I am Louis."

"Yes, you are." She giggled nervously, "I am –I did not want to be rude but I just had to meet you. I should be working-" Jen bit her lip, wrapping a hand around her elbow, "my mother did not believe that our King would ever find a mate and I prayed to the Elements that he would and," she grinned, "here you are!"

Louis chuckled softly, "here I am."

"You are beautiful –gorgeous and you –you have such a powerful energy. –I was there, during the festival, I saw you from afar, but you seem so confident, radiant. Omegas sometimes are treated so delicately, sometimes we feel like we cannot speak up but you –you do."

"I have never been known to hold my tongue." Louis smiled, "Omega's are not prizes or glass, we are strong –we do not just bare children and raise families –here, in Arizella, omegas have jobs and purposes." He shrugged, "in Wereborn, we are seen as lesser beings. You should speak your mind because you can, especially here. Do not let anyone silence you."

Jen nodded quickly, eyes big and brimming with tears. "Yes, I will not."

Louis opened his arms, "would you like a hug?"

"Oh yes –please!" She ran into his arms, squeezing him tight. "You smell wonderful."

Louis smiled, rubbing her back, "thank you." Jen pulled away first, fixing herself. "It was very nice to meet you, Jen."

"Likewise, my Queen." Jen bowed before rushing away.

Louis turned to Niall and Liam, "it –feels really nice sometimes."

Liam smiled tenderly, pinky and pinky with Niall, "people do not just see Harry's mate. They see you, a Queen."

"Even those who remember having a Queen are not used to their Queen being so outspoken." They followed Louis back to the rack, "You are all over the newspaper, especially in your recent travels. You are being quoted left and right. Your fashion sense is adored, your smile –your expressions when you dislike something. The toast you gave at the event in Glasso was incredible –even I will say. You are not afraid to make a mistake or say when you do not approve of something. Omegas look up to you –you are a representation for those who want to be represented."

Louis bit his lip, "yes..."

Liam put a hand on his shoulder, "do not think so much. I am sure it feels pressuring."

"When," The artist's voice fell low, "I leave –who will represent them?" Liam stopped smiling, dropping his head. He looked to Niall who stared back at him. "Goodness..." He wiped his face, turning back to the rack, "I have ruined the mood –never mind." Louis held out a hand, "I need new clips, come."

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