Chapter 33 - Honesty

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"Omega." Evy bowed, "good morning."

Louis turned his head to the door with a gentle smile, "Evy, good morning."

The omega smiled back, "Niall, Liam."

"Good morning, Evy."

"I was summoned upstairs."

Louis nodded, motioning him closer. "I wanted a favor." He sat up, "since I will be presented tomorrow, I wanted my polish to be new –clean." Evy nodded. "And I thought that maybe you would do it for me. I would ask Niall or Liam but," he bit his lip, "I thought you might want to."

Evy took a deep breath, "I would be honored, my Queen." He was blushing, "which color catches your eye?"

"My gown will be gold." He looked at his nails, "I would like gold –with glitter, if possible."

"Yes, anything, my Queen."

Louis smiled, "thank you." He touched over his necklace, "I went out to the garden today, early in morning. I heard you speaking of me."

Evy blinked quickly, "it –it was nothing wrong, my Queen."

"I know. You said I was 'perfect' and 'special'." Louis smiled softly, "you spoke about me as if we have known each other our whole lives. It was very kind of you but it made me feel bad for ever disliking you. I saw you as competition, and I am sorry for that. I cannot be a successful Queen, nor being, by hating my King's past. Nor by hating another being out of jealousy."

Evy breathed, "I understood your distaste for me, Louis. Do not apologize." He smiled excitedly, "tomorrow is such an important day for you. Please do not worry of unimportant things."

Niall put his head on Louis' shoulder, smiling, "you can smell him too?"

"I –I can."

"It is still early."

"Yes," the maid shivered, "I did not know if for sure you were pregnant, but you smell –syrupy, softer." He swallowed, "you are, correct?"

"I am." Louis put a hand on his stomach, rubbing it, "I really am."

Evy beamed, "good! That is great!" He lowered his voice and head, "I am so happy for you, Louis. And our King –does he-"

"He," Louis chuckled softly, thinking of his alpha. He looked down at his hand, touching the ruby red ring, "is just as happy as I."


"Oh Louis." Niall ran at him, "Elements, you are safe." He hugged the omega close, breathing him in, "are you okay?"

"I am okay, I am okay." He laughed, laughs turning into cries as he hugged Niall. Louis whimpered, "I missed you. I am so sorry that I ran away again."

Niall didn't let him go, whispering, "I do not care, you are home now."

"Louis –Alpha! Louis is here!" Liam collided into them, bouncing, crying. "You are safe!"

Louis nodded, laughing, turning to hug Liam. He scented both of them, "oh my goodness, I missed this."

Liam pulled away, cupping his face, tears on his pink cheeks. "You are pregnant, Louis." The omega whined, "oh." He looked down, "may I?"

"Yes, of course." Louis lifted his shirt, showing his small stomach, "nothing is different, not yet."

Liam set a warm hand on it, rubbing, "oh, it will grow soon." He smiled, wiping his face, "a child. A beautiful baby."

Niall clasped his hands to his chest, "how did Harry take it?"

Louis wiped his face, groaning, "I am sorry, I keep crying." He chuckled, "he took it so well. I mean, he knew, but he is so happy. It is going to be okay now, truly." Louis turned to Zayn and Julie when they came down the stairs. He whimpered, lip wobbling, "mm –please."

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