Chapter 19 - Orange Juice

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"I said oranges!" Louis held up the orange fruit, "this is a tangerine!"

"I will never understand your lack of a palate to your extensive knowledge of food and art." Harry took the small fruit, "are they not the same?" He knew they were different, but there were times where he enjoyed Louis' voice.

"Have you ever had tangerine juice?"

"I cannot say I have."

"Exactly! Orange juice! I know how to make orange juice not tangerine juice!"

It was day four, middle of the day and Louis' emotions were on a beautiful spiral. Harry woke up to biting, really hard biting on his chest which turned into soft whispers and kisses. Louis rode him for an hour like if he'd done it a million times. Harry knotted him, like usual, and while waiting for the knot to deflate Louis asked; "what would you name our kids?"

Harry could feel his eyebrows pull all the way up to his forehead. So, Louis quickly changed the question to; "what names do you like for children?" Harry hadn't answered, making them knotted together very awkward. Louis ignored him after that, left the shower as soon as he entered. The omega was cleaning, making the bed –taking their nest down to the laundry room. While Louis was washing their nest, Harry came down and asked what he was washing.

When he heard 'their nest', he almost freaked out. You do not wash a nest because you are not supposed to have sex in your nest. It is a safe place, not to be associated with sex but with shelter. They may have done it but never dirtied it to the point of needing to wash it. It meant Louis was furious because he was taking any scent of their 'love' away with the soap.

No number of kisses or 'please' made Louis change his mind so Harry told him.


Louis had gone into this really weird stance at the top of the stairs. He climbed back down and made Harry carry him. Louis flipped into this very sweet neediness –begging Harry to let him make them lunch. Louis was like a different person all of a sudden, and Harry was used to the unbalanced mood swings but this one was different.

The sweetness was overwhelmingly sweet. Louis was bouncing around him, kissing any bits of skin, fixing Harry pants, fixing his hair –grooming him while he was washing his hands. Any hand Louis could get on him was being put on him.

And then Harry had written tangerines instead of oranges.

"I am sure they are made the same."

"But one has to have more sugar –a different flavor. What if I have to add more sugar but I do not know how much to add so I end up ruining it?" Louis frowned, "and they are so little! I will never get juice out of only ten."

"You did not give me a specific amount."

"But I did say oranges!" Louis huffed, turning away from him. He was dressed for the first time since his heat began. Louis was dressed in some really soft pants, patterned with swirls of red and blue. His shirt was long, to his wrists, but left his stomach exposed.

"That shirt is short, like the other one." Harry tossed the fruit up and down, unable to keep his eyes off Louis lower back and butt. His butt had to have grown, Harry could tell, or it was the pants. They were tight and flared at the bottom, Louis' thighs looked amazing in them. "Would you wear that out?"

Louis didn't answer, putting a cup on the drying rack before going in the fridge. Harry bit his lip, licking over it when Louis bent down to grab the eggs. The artist took out milk as well, grabbing the whole bread loaf from the breadbasket. He went to the pantry to look for cinnamon and Harry stood up.

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