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The Bet - L.S. (Omega!Louis Alpha!Harry) {Completed} by _Just_Elli_
The Bet - L.S. (Omega!Louis Alpha...by _Just_Elli_
{Completed} Louis is omega. That makes him one of the lowest of the werewolf ranks. With being an omega comes obeying basically every beta, but especially alpha. Not for...
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SUBMISSIVE. - VKOOK - ✔️by 𝐁𝐮𝐧𝐧𝐲.
Who would've thought the big bad alpha could be that submissive. - Cover by: @JinnieFinnie
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Breaking the stereotypes- jikook  by kookmochim26
Breaking the stereotypes- jikook by jikooker
A daring omega who has no fear and a single parent Alpha whose life revolves around his pup. What happens when they crosses each other's path? Will they be able to get...
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The Omega Prince by The_HolySope
The Omega Princeby The_HolySope
Once a upon a time a king and queen were loved by their people. They were a traditional family, an omega mother and alpha father. They didn't expect their long awaited f...
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Strings of Fate by Miyou01
Strings of Fateby Miyou
Jimin was the youngest son of the Alpha leader of their pack. His two oldest brothers presented as alphas while he presented as an omega, a very desireable one at that...
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Sequel to submissive. - Who would've thought the alpha would be so bad at being one. - Cover by: @JinnieFinnie
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Rendezvous  by mrsblackswan86
Rendezvous by mrsblackswan86
In which Mark Jung and Haechan Seo are supposed to be mates, but they hate each other's guts. Warning - OMEGAVERSE / ABO & B/B / MPREG ALPHA - Mark Jung, Jeno Jung, Luca...
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Crown [larry a/b/o] by sweetnsmug
Crown [larry a/b/o]by ritz
❝Violence for violence is the rule of the beasts.❞ abo au where Louis Tomlinson has the crown but Harry Styles has his heart. Crown for a heart or heart for a crown? for...
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Hopeless and in Heat by Destinytale
Hopeless and in Heatby Destiny
Pidge really should've known she was an omega. A kidge ABO fic. Smut warning.
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[ EDIT - ĐM ] Em muốn tin tức tố của anh - Hoang Xuyên Đại by Tsundereee123
[ EDIT - ĐM ] Em muốn tin tức tố c...by Tư Uyên | 姿鴛
Tên khác: Ngã tưởng yếu nhĩ đích tín tức tố | 我想要你的信息素 Tác giả: Hoang Xuyên Đại | 荒川黛 Độ dài: 104 chương + 17 PN Editor: Tư Uyên. Nguồn: Tấn Giang. Cường thế phúc hắc b...
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Trophy (L.S) by 1Dering_About_You
Trophy (L.S)by Abby
In a world where hunters had become the hunted, inferior wolves struggle to survive: Puppies are stolen from their mothers and are forced to grow up in fenced-in fields...
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The Rule Of Three (Namkook X Reader Fanfic) by 0o_pervy_noona_o0
The Rule Of Three (Namkook X Reade...by 0o_pervy_noona_o0
As leader of our pack, my father always took particular pride in the fact that his line had always produced strong Alphas and Betas. When I finally presented and it was...
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BakuDeku :: Dynamics by ari-ridrake
BakuDeku :: Dynamicsby ri-ri
Izuku and Katsuki have known each other their whole lives. Izuku's family has always served the Royal family. Izuku and Katsuki are closer than any of their ancestors...
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intocable ✧ kooktae by koovantie
intocable ✧ kooktaeby     
― ꒰♡꒱ omegaverse ❝ jeongguk es el alfa más temido y respetado en todo el instituto, pero no ha podido evitar caer por taehyung, el dulce omega de cabello castaño y mejil...
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Destined - Jikook by kookmochim26
Destined - Jikookby jikooker
Mated and Married against their will. Never thought that they would end like this. They don't hate eachother but they don't love each other either. Fate is a funny thi...
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The Elite School Of Omegas by Silkbutterfly
The Elite School Of Omegasby Silkbutterfly
Jimin is not your average Omega. He's strong, smart and can fight for himself. His parents raised him to be different. Why? Because he's an Omeganite. He doesn't know it...
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Kairos {joshler} by liliesandstags
Kairos {joshler}by {CLOSED}
(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that create the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement. aka the one whe...
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Diamante | SVT by sendmotivation
Diamante | SVTby zachrichee
a kingdom where magic used to reign, is it really a myth or a secret to be protected?
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Pipe Dreams  by drew_the_gay
Pipe Dreams by Drew Rae
Neil was doing his best to help Dan and Kevin with the new recruits, when waves of pain and immense heat ripped through him in the middle of a Ravens drill. He dropped h...
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Defective *Jimin X BTS* by pleasejustpickaname
Defective *Jimin X BTS*by I Will Fight For You
"We're sorry, he's a bit... Defective." Alphas and Betas are common, Alphas slightly less so than Betas. Seokjin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkoo...
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