Chapter 13 - Stunning

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Niall knocked tentatively on the door, "my King?" He jumped when the door was opened, "oh."

Louis was rubbing his eye, showered and swimming in one of Harry's robes. "Hi Niall."

Niall looked down, following the length of the gold robe, "hi –my Queen." He quickly bowed, "it is nearing dinner time. I wanted to know if you would be down for dinner." The omega blushed, "our King tries to never miss dinner, but I know, with the situation."

Louis nodded slowly with a smile. "I think so –I will be, so I am sure Harry will be down as well." He rubbed his arm, "I am sorry for almost biting Liam –for growling at you." He shook his head, "Harry is asleep. I will go down to speak to Julie now –ask her what is going on with me." The omega touched his side, "I have a few scrapes and bruises –I will ask about those as well."

"Okay." Niall breathed, "It is normal, so you know. Liam and I are the same –Liam is much more aggressive than I." He shrugged, "our King is gracious and leaves us his home while he stays in the castle. He does not care for his own sleep –he respects us." Niall smiled small, "he has not taken a day off –almost ever. We are grateful to your pre-heat for that."

Louis looked back at the alpha asleep on his stomach. "He was –more than good to me today." He stepped into the hall, closing the door slightly, "I am afraid to go to the festival. I know nothing I should –people will talk to me and I will sound stupid." His lip wobbled, "Harry treated me like I was the finest treasure –he took such good care of me and I do not want to let him down. Not in front of his beings –the beings he loves."

"Harry understands what he is doing. You do not see it but people are already fond of you." He tilted his head, "read a newspaper. Everyone is very happy and are dying to see you come to the Elements Festival. Harry has been receiving nothing but praise because of how beautiful you are –how shy you are." Niall smiled softly, "there are many things you will need to learn, yes, but until then our King's beings are just happy to know you are there."

Louis nodded, flushed and nervous. "Okay." He opened the door, quickly grabbing his bunny before it ran out. "Sh, Thumb." The omega cradled him, "I will let Harry rest." He closed the door, catching it on the long end of cloth, "goodness, this is too large."

Niall giggled, helping him, "go to Julie, I will put him in his cage."

"Oh, thank you." Louis kissed Thumb three times before carefully handing him over, "just be careful –he bites."

"Yes, my Queen." Niall bowed before leaving.

Louis closed his eyes, leaning on the large doors, "oh goodness." All he wanted to do was turn around, walk back through the doors and fall into large welcoming arms. Louis resisted, taking his first few shaky steps before going downstairs.

Louis actually thought he could die happy in Harry's large closet. With Harry, Thumb and the warmth from the soft carpeted closet floor. He had to find a way to thank the twins.

Louis watched his step, taking his time going down each stair. Harry had put the robe on him after they showered with Thumb. It was messy trying to keep the rabbit tame, Louis had been screaming about keeping his ears dry. Harry would hold him while Louis washed and then they would swap. It was –fun. It was different even if Harry was grumpy the whole time.

"Excuse me?" Louis knocked on the office door, "Julie?"

"Come in!"

Louis took a deep breath before opening the door, "hello, Julie."

The alpha was grinning, hands crossed under her chin. "Hello my Queen." She raised a brow, "nice robe –not very fit for a Queen and a little too big it seems."

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