Chapter 18 - Strawberry Sweet

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Harry blinked at him, eyes growing wide as he looked away. He licked his lips with a forced hum and Louis looked up at him, eyelashes batting, "alpha."


Louis frowned immediately, brows drooping, fingers poking at Harry's shut mouth, "alpha..."


Louis' frown turned angry, nostrils flared, "alpha!"


"Do not say 'what' to me!" He hissed, "Did they not teach you that saying 'what' is not Royal?"

Harry took a deep breath, fingers curling in Louis' side. He scented the air and Louis growled at him, "I am only trying to calm you."

"You are trying to dominate me because you do not want to answer me!"

Harry wiped the little bit of spit off Louis' shinning lip. He pulled his finger away when Louis snapped at it, he should probably move away before he is injured. Harry considered shoving Louis off the side of the high bed –but the little artist felt so baby soft in his hold. Harry was still satisfied with his finished orgasm while it seemed like Louis hadn't even had one.

Louis was making a face that could kill; Harry could smell, taste and feel the omega's rage but started kissing him anyway. He flinched when Louis' teeth latched onto his bottom lip, threatening to spill blood. The alpha made a noise, a very low whine and Louis released him immediately. The artist began grooming him, his small hands running over every bit of the large alpha. Louis whimpered, licking his lip in apology and Harry accepted the apology with vulnerable arms.

He kissed Louis slowly, covering him once again, kissing over his cheeks and button nose. "Omega, you are hungry..." Harry licked Louis' chin, large hand rubbing down his slightly extended stomach. He pressed his nose against the back of Louis' ear when the omega looked one way, "I cannot let such a sweet omega go hungry." Harry rubbed his belly more, smiling affectionately against him when Louis' foot started to jerk a little. "You like when I rub your belly, beautiful?"

Louis whined, putting his hand on top of Harry's, "yes alpha." He opened his glossy eyes, blinking cutely at him, "when you take care of me ..."

Louis' voice was so genuine, so sweetly nauseating that Harry started to purr. Each vibration rumbled against Louis and the artist visibly calmed, something his mother used to do for him when he couldn't sleep. Harry decided not to let him go anywhere, instead grooming him again –one of his favorite things to do because Louis' response was always lovely.

He started at Louis' little toes, licking between each one. Harry smiled, hearing the prettiest giggles above his head, "tickles?"

"Mmhm..." Louis' hand was at the back of his neck, stroking the bite –it made Harry's eye twitch with pride; it made his own bite tingle.

Louis was still giggling when Harry reached his second foot, spending a little more time there because he knew Louis liked it.

Next was Louis' calves and thighs; he bit just lightly, sucking unseen marks onto the already bruised skin. Harry avoided Louis' limp cock, spent and clean and the pinkest pink there was. The thought continued slapping him in the face, Louis was a virgin –the virgin of all virgins. It's not just that Louis's a virgin in sex, it's that Louis had never been kissed or touched or even scented. Louis surpassed anything you could call a virgin.

Harry could say that Louis belonged to him –that he owned every first experience in Louis' life but the thought made him want to gag. It was a very possessive type of thinking and it bothered his brain. So, instead, he started to focus on Louis' abdomen, possibly one of his favorite parts of him. Harry was gentle there, licking carefully –dotingly, as if he was worshiping him. He rubbed flat palms over the smooth skin, massaging Louis with his full attention. Harry glanced up at him, the omega's expression soft, "is this okay?"

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