Chapter 17 - Heat II

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Louis was laying across the couch when Harry came in. "Louis." He removed his shoes then jacket, "what are you doing?"


Harry pressed his lips together, walking closer, "about?"

"Many things..."

"Where is everyone?"



"I am sorry I bit Julie –that I bit you."

The bite was on his forearm, right through his shirt –it had throbbed for the rest of the day. "It is fine, Julie was not mad –neither was I. She warned me."

"I just-"

"You just think I am a 'horrible alpha worth death for letting another alpha touch you'?" The King sat by Louis' feet, laying them across his lap, "we have an idea of what is going on, that is good enough."

"I did not know about any of this –I keep scaring myself."

"Did you read the book?"

Louis frowned deeply, "I cannot read."

Harry smiled weakly, "I forget."

"My King."

"Zayn." He looked at his bags, "have you decided where you will go?"

"We will stay in a small cottage, a rental in the woods."

"Good, the castle is always available if you need something."

"Thank you, my King." Zayn looked to Louis, "how are you feeling?"

"I watched an ant in the backyard, he was half squished but still moving. That is how I feel."

Zayn nodded once, "I see."

Louis closed his eyes, opening them when he heard Julie. "A vacation, what a joy!" She dropped her bag, holding up her wrapped hand, "I may need one after being bitten."

"Maybe you should have kept your hands away from my asshole!" Louis rolled over when everyone stared at him. He complained into the cushion, growling about something 'stupid'.

"My King, my Guard." Julie smiled, picking up her duffel, "I will be on my way before I am bitten again."

Zayn smirked, shoving her, "where will you go?"

"To the castle of course."

Harry rolled his eyes, "Julie."

"Come now, Harry, you know I love bothering the want-to-be Royals. I receive special treatment there."

"Goodness," Zayn shook his head, taking Niall and Liam's suitcases when they came into the room, "a week then?"

"Yes, a week will be fine."

"His heat, at this point, should be four to five days. If so, then a week and at least three days."

"The Kingdom will crumble."

"No, my King." Niall frowned, "you deserve a break anyway. There are people whose job it is to do your job when you are unavailable."

"Niall is right, the same as when you travel. The Kingdom never crumbles."

Harry sighed, patting Louis' butt softly, "we will see."

"We will see you soon."

Harry stood, hugging each member of his family while Louis watched. The omega sat up, "and me?"

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