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Athena - The Luna Warrior by TheGreekWarrior
Athena - The Luna Warriorby Athena
I, Athena Xiphos, the daughter of Alpha Zeus Xiphos and Luna Metis Xiphos has been in Camp Rogue since fifteen years. In the past fifteen years I was groomed to be a fi...
to be owned By A Werwolf  by Ariel1998ariya
to be owned By A Werwolf by Ariel1998ariya
Story about a homeless woman and her journey of saving his brother finding herself in the mercy of a Werwolf....
Ellas Haze (Book One of Ellas story) by SykoStrix
Ellas Haze (Book One of Ellas Sinead J Harber
this book is dedicated my no1 fan my mom who would always tell me how good my writting was in the most inapropriate way. thank you and enjoy. werewolf haze/heat based fi...
the new wolf by booperinkskid
the new wolfby booperinkskid
this is a book about a dire wolf named rain meeting a matted mutt named Rufus at a wolf rescue center and adventuring and breeding insues Its 18+ that means it has breed...
My Omega {Mpreg} by jaegerackereri
My Omega {Mpreg}by jaegerackereri
When an Alpha and Omega come of age, they will go to a mate ritual. This is an event where Alphas and Omegas come to meet at a place to search who they would like to ma...
The Mating Season | ✓ by cheryl-is-not-here
The Mating Season | ✓by sher
What if mates didn't exist? Instead, werewolves chose who they wanted to be mated to for the rest of their lives during a short period of time once a year. This period w...
Blood Alpha (Chosen Mate Series 1) [Complete] by Mimic-My-Howl
Blood Alpha (Chosen Mate Series 1) Dionne Michaela
Every year, each Male Werewolf can choose a mate - and the She Wolf they chooses has no say in the matter. So when the innocent, seemingly young, Gemini Burn turns eight...
REJECTED BY MY MATE (BOYxBOY) by naeemasmith
REJECTED BY MY MATE (BOYxBOY)by naeema smith
Ever since Adam came out as gay his been bullied by the pack especially by his brother Mark. The only reason why he stays in the pack is because of his parents that is s...
My Loving Alpha Mate by Xx_zarie_xX
My Loving Alpha Mateby Zarie
They used to hate each other, then she moved away for three years. Now she's back for senior year and everything is different.He is arrogant and cocky. And his name? Cha...
Transformers Pack by MakaylaSutherland
Transformers Packby Estellaluna Rose Razerblade P...
Emily is dog whom after her master is murdered by his own son for the land, Emilyruns away to find herself staring in the eyes of a wolf. But this isn't any ordinary wol...
Natsu x reader MATING SEASON (Complete) by ap1402181
Natsu x reader MATING SEASON ( ap1402181
Natsu have been acting weird lately and you cant shake the feeling something is up. you don't even know he has hormones built up and his eyes are set on you.
Sesshomaru One-Shot by _DBLOVE_
Sesshomaru One-Shotby _DBLOVE_
It's a one-shot between my O.C and Sesshomaru (a full blooded dog demon who lives in the feudal era. From the anime InuYasha)
Nastu x reader Mating season(lemon) by shipper100
Nastu x reader Mating season(lemon)by @AnonymousAuthor
You have been in the fairy tail guild ever since your dragon left in 777. You always had a crush on natsu. Now, it's mating season and natsu is going crazy!!! How will i...
Kittens by reignclear
Kittensby pastyskinnydipping
mature, two kitties over taken by lust 18+
Jinchuruki Mating Season.. [Naruto×Reader] by Hinata_Hyuga-Chan
Jinchuruki Mating Season.. [ Tori_James
Mating season is approaching for the Kyuubi sealed inside Naruto. The Kyuubi is a fox after all ...... What will happen when this affect Naruto and What will happen to...
The dark dragon( a nalu fanfiction)[completed] by lu-chan101
The dark dragon( a nalu love_lu
Lucy Heartfilia a was celestial Mage, sad after she had just figured out that her boyfriend sting had cheated on her, with one of her best friends.Because of this she ha...
My Own Dragon To Mate With by Lyra_North
My Own Dragon To Mate Withby Lyra
Lucy and Levy's dragon slayers are acting a bit strange and when they find out why, they are in for quite the surprise. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters...
Caught.  by ShelleySnow
Caught. by S.Snow
Emma is human. Emma likes her life in her small predictable town. At least she thought it was predictable, that is until she is brought into a town much like her own w...
Golden by Queen_Diamond_xo
Goldenby Crystal
Earth A place where heaven and the underworld collide together but live in harmony. Humans like Rose Everlasting aren't even aware of the world they think is normal is...