Chapter 34 - Home

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"What!" Louis threw the covers off his naked body and Harry quickly recovered him. "Your sister was not your sister –what! You lied to me –to us? To him!"

Atlas was shaking harder than his twin, "we –if we would have went to Harry's father saying that our omega was crushed, we would have been killed. We did not know how Harry felt about triads, we only knew how his father did. We had to lie."

"No! You did not. You even said Harry was a different kind of King!"

"And then came Niall, and then Zayn and Liam." Ixion grabbed his brother's hand, "we would take it to our graves." He squeezed Atlas' hand, "we never looked down upon them. We made sure to be there for them when they needed us. We accepted them and it is the reason we grew so close. It was fear of hatred."

"We are sorry. Our intentions were never to harm either of you –anyone." Atlas looked at Harry, "especially you, Master." He took a deep breath, "she meant everything to us and –everything felt so unfair. It felt –unjustifiable. We should have told you the truth but, the same way that you did not want your mother's name in the mud, we did not want our omega's."

"We did not chose to leave our Clan. We were shunned by our Clan for being triad. We could not tell them that she was pregnant, they would keep her and kill us if we tried to get her back." Louis' breath hitched. "Clans and Packs are not all what they seem. We needed money –we needed a home." He looked down, "she said she would gather wood –start the foundation. She always –tried to do more than she could."

Louis looked at Harry, then at the twins. He hugged his fur, bringing it to his chest, "will –may I know her name?"

"Her name was Alia."

"And she had rock collection," Harry spoke softly. "That she loved. What did she look like?"

Ixion swallowed, "nothing like us."

Louis, dipped his head, grabbing onto Harry's arm, "could you smell her? Was that a lie?"

"That was not a lie. We could smell, we can smell you. We just, did not feel anything –no ruts, broken alphas." Atlas half-smiled. "But, despite that, we gave her child. We smelled our child." His eyes lowered, "and we saw our child die."

Harry licked his lips, "this will not change things. You are still bonded to me. You will guard my omega, my child, this family and I. I will no longer be your master, I will just be Harry." Atlas and Ixion dropped their heads.

"And you will also be my protectors." Louis pouted, putting a hand on his belly, "for my baby –our baby. It will also be yours." Harry looked at him, and the twin's heads snapped up. "Your child is dead and justice was never served at the hands of Harry's blood but now we are the same blood." Louis' brows creased, "and I will serve justice for your omega and your child." He smiled softly, "I hope you love our child, or children, and protect them as much as we will." He squeezed his alpha's hand, "they will grow up safe and blessed by their protectors."


Louis walked into the small home slowly, looking around the empty space. He shivered, removing his shoes before walking further, Harry and Zayn behind him.

"The realtor says to take your time, omega." Zayn clasped his hands behind his back, "we will be here."

Louis nodded once, putting his hand on the cold wall. They had been looking for homes for hours. It was the second day and Louis was already pretty tired of looking but Harry wanted him to want whatever place they choose. Harry would stay with Zayn, speaking, while Louis walked around the house. It was for his sense of safety, not Harry's.

Louis walked towards the hallway, pleased that this home was ground level. He had been skeptical about stairs and this home didn't have any.

The omega opened one of the doors, looking around. He went to the closet, turning on the light. The closet was almost like a little room –this was the master bedroom. Louis went inside, looking up at the shelving that went quite high. They could store their luggage up there.

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