Chapter 27 - Missed

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"My King, Louis!" Liam waved excitedly, running down the steps to the gate. "Hello!"

Louis was bouncing from foot to foot, despite being tired a few minutes ago. "Liam, Liam!" Once the gate started opening, Louis slid through, "Liam!" He threw himself into the omega's arms, unintentionally scenting him. "Mm, I missed you."

Liam was blushing when Louis pulled away, "I –missed you as well, Louis."

Louis smiled, eyes crinkling, "and Niall?"

"Is praying," Liam bit his lip, "we just came home from the store."

"I will wait to see him then." Louis turned around, Harry standing right behind him, "alpha." He grinned, "It is Liam."

"I can see." Harry kissed Louis' forehead before going around him to hug the omega. "Hello Liam."

Louis put his hands behind his back, turning around while Harry hugged his family member. It irked him, seeing Harry hugging and holding another omega, but he brushed it off. He had to remind himself that Liam was family and there was no romance, only love.

Louis walked back through the gate, standing behind the twins as they removed the luggage. "I did not even see you both come down."

"We were just going downstairs after speaking to Zayn. And," Ixion set down the last bag before closing the trunk. He bowed his head, "we are quiet."

Atlas hit the back of the car twice before it drove away. "How was your night, omega?"

"Good, thank you." Louis puckered his lips, "I never had the opportunity to tell you both thank you." He quickly hugged them, "you both protected Harry and I so well."

They bowed, keeping their heads down, "of course, Louis."

Louis smiled, "My protectors. –I am even happier that you both were able to leave the home for a while."

Atlas lifted his head first, "we are truly blessed. Thank you, Louis."

"Of course, of course." Louis looked back where Harry and Liam were not. He shivered, annoyed that the alpha had left him outside. "Uh, will you help me inside with the bags?" He reached down for one that was quickly scooped up by Ixion. "I can carry it, Ixion."

"I am sure, but I would like to."

Louis smiled tenderly, "thank you." He walked first, gift bags in hand, waiting for the twins to enter the home before closing the door. "Just upstairs."

"Oh, we –are not allowed anywhere but downstairs and the kitchen." Atlas opened the door, "it is good to see you back home, omega."

Louis grabbed their arms, "I need help taking them upstairs." He batted his lashes, "please?"

Ixion swallowed, looking around, "Zayn or-"

"I want you both to help me." Louis lifted his duffel, "heavy, heavy. Come, this way." He took the stairs, slowly, unsure of where Harry had went off to. Louis opened the bedroom door, dropping the bags on the bed. "Ah," He trembled, taking a big whiff of air. The artist scented the area, walking around the bed to touch their cold nest. "I missed being home." He looked around, "Thumb must be downstairs." Louis looked to the entrance, tilting his head at Ixion and Atlas. "What is wrong?"

Ixion set the bag down, shaking his head, "it has been –a long time since we have –been in here."

Louis frowned, "how close were you and Harry?"

"No," Atlas shook his head quickly, "not like that, omega, not at all. We just –we used to have access to every room. We –" He pressed his lips together, "the picture on the wall –is one we retrieved but also stole off that very wall."

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