Chapter 3 - Home

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Louis dragged his soaked body into the dark cave. He crawled as fast as he could, crying when he touched his ripped-up sheets. He wrapped his small body in them, breathing in his own scent. He tried touching his back, the bandages were soaked –pointless.

Louis closed his eyes, praying his bunny would come, but it was too early in the day.

Louis hated the bunny –he bit him all the time. Louis fought with him, trying to always get him out of his territory. He would always wake up with him nestled against his thigh –biting on his thumb. He really hoped he was okay without him –Louis was being selfish, because he needed grounding. He wanted to feel safe without thinking about needing to be scented. He wanted his heart to reach an average speed again.

Louis wanted to lay on his back, but he couldn't, especially now that the bandages were barely holding on. Most of them had ripped when he transformed, they hung loosely but they hugged him –something, anything. His throat was still sore, horribly so, but he wasn't as hungry as he'd been.

He wasn't sure exactly how long he was laying down, but he dosed off twice. The omega screamed when he woke up the third time, smelling the King before seeing him.

A large black wolf stood in front of him, breathing out white, pants clutched in his mouth. He shook off his fur, transforming as he did. "You awful omega." Harry stood up straight, glaring down at the whimpering male. "I give you a second chance at life and you have the nerve to run?" He looked around, "to this!"

Louis flinched at the echo off the cave, covering his body with his fort of blankets. "I –cannot go –I need my cave."

Harry ignored him, putting his pants over his wet legs. The alpha walked around the small cave, touching the walls, "this is disgusting –it is a dump." He ran his fingers through his long wet hair, "I should kill you." He strolled around Louis, "find another omega to fill your position." He looked down at Louis, "but Liam took your measurements, and it will be too difficult to find such a stupid omega."

Louis wiped his face with the blankets, "I –do not want to be bonded anymore."

"Oh, no?" He squatted, smiling, "you do not want to be bonded?" Louis shook his head, screaming when Harry pulled him up by his arm. "Then, let us go –all Arizella beings must have a registered home –I very much doubt this has been registered." He dragged the screaming omega across the floor, out into the rain. "If said being does not have a registered home, he will be given help from council – if the said being is not from Arizella, that being will be sent back to their place of origin. I have wrote it, copied it, and signed it." He tugged Louis' arm extra hard, "Your place of origin is Wereborn and, coincidentally, you have stolen a crown from the Queen." Harry dragged him further through the harsh rain. "And, by the law of Wereborn, you shall be executed in front of the state."

"No!" Louis kicked his feet, hands gripping Harry's wrists. "Okay! Okay!"

Harry paused, looking back, "okay?"

"I –I will bond with you."

Harry let go of Louis' arm, picking him up. He walked back to the cave, looking around once again. "I am being too kind." Harry set Louis on his blankets, "where is this 'bunny'?"

"He –only comes at night..." Louis scratched his arm, trying to soothe the hold Harry had on it. "It hurts."

Harry raised a brow, "when someone is to be killed –it should normally hurt."

Louis sniffled, shivering, "I am cold..."

"No one asked you to run away –especially during such a wet season." Harry crossed his arms, "absolutely filthy, how can you live like this?"

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