Chapter 39 - Changes

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"Ooh," Louis held up the small fur. He dug out three more, "wow."

"A child's first fur is very important. These were handpicked by Eon."

Louis looked at Eon, gaping at him, "they are even softer than my own fur."

"We take great pride in the fur we use." Eon crossed his legs, smiling, "this is when we normally put the furs on the floor and the children will pick the one they want."

Louis stood quickly, "that is a wonderful idea!" He went to the middle of the room, laying each fur on the marble floor. He looked to his family, smiling, "let them down, please." Louis preened when his children stood on wobbly feet, "hello babies."

Barrow squealed, clapping his hands and running to Louis. He stopped when the fur blocked his path, stepping around it before continuing to run.

The room laughed, laughing harder when the other three did the same, ignoring the furs.

Louis huffed a smiled, "my little Royals." He smiled, pointing at the furs. "Go pick one out. Look."

Denali looked first, tilting his head at the fur on the ground. He stared at Louis' finger then the fur again. Denali pointed, following his own finger to the palest of the furs. He held it up, showing Louis.

"Good boy!" Louis clapped, "look at your brother, everyone. He has something very special."

Denali smiled big, shaking the fur, hugging it to his face. He wobbled to Harry, grabbing his father's pants. Denali lifted the fur, showing him, "mm!"

Harry squatted, eyes wide with pride, "good boy, Denali. You did wonderful." He rubbed the fur on the boy's ear, "so nice, right?"

Louis closed his eyes briefly when Alaska and Stika went for the same fur. "Goodness."

"Mm!" Sitka sniffled, screaming when Alaska took it. Before Louis could fix the situation, Alaska quickly put the fur on Sitka's cheek. She looked around, finding the last fur, all black, on the floor. Sitka rubbed his tears on the fur, whining, leaning against his sister.

Alaska examined the fur closely, sniffing it. She ran her small hands over it, plopping down the cold floor.

Eon nodded, "she is protective. A very good trait."

Louis could only watch in awe, thinking back to his own siblings who would have never been so kind. He stepped closer, smiling at Barrow who laid on his back, fur covering his face. Louis kneeled next to Alaska, fixing his gown.


Alaska stopped touching her new fur, looking up at Louis with big eyes.

"You were so nice to your brother. You let him have the fur. Thank you."

Alaska smiled shyly, holding up her fur for Louis to see.

"Yes, it is so beautiful. For such a sweet omega. Thank you so much." He looked at Sitka, in love with his brown fur. "You know, daddy's fur is all black, just like that." Alaska smiled, laying down. She couldn't understand him too well, but Louis thought it mattered to still talk to them as if they could.

The Queen stood, leaning back on Harry who helped him up. "I am surprised to say I am surprised."

"They are not even talking yet and you have had such a wonderful effect on them." Eon stood beside them, "even I am surprised."


"Thank you for coming, Eon."

"It was not something I would normally do, for anyone here." Louis asked to be alone with Eon. "But, you -you are special somehow."

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