Chapter 30 - Rabid

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"May I use the restroom, alpha?"

Harry scented him, patting Louis' thigh, "go on."

Louis shot up, running to the bathroom quickly, keeping the door opened –in case Harry decided he wanted it open. Louis opened the medicine cabinet, glancing out into the room where Harry laid –in their nest –staring at him. He gave a shaky smile, holding up his pills, "I am just taking my birth control."

Harry nodded once and Louis backed back into the bathroom. He opened the bottle, pouring out four into his hand. Louis bit his lip hard considering that maybe if he took a couple more he would catch up to the days he hadn't.

The omega popped them into his mouth without a second thought, using the sink water to wash them down. He closed the bottle, setting it back into the cabinet.

Louis felt bad –angry at himself for being so disrespectful –so vile. Harry poured his soul out –made himself vulnerable just for Louis and Louis betrayed him. Betrayed his trust and now all he could do was pray to the Elements that he didn't get pregnant. He hadn't gotten pregnant since they started having sex and Harry and him had never used condoms but –

But Louis was no longer a freshly virginized omega. An omega is more likely to become pregnant during a heat than a rut but the amount of times Harry came in him –Louis shivered, groaning internally.

He did his business before going back into the room. "All done."

Harry held up a hand, looking more than beautiful in the nest Louis re-built for them. He'd did it while Harry was asleep in their bed. Louis used the new, unwashed blankets he had purchased, adding those to their old ones. The nest took up the middle of the room and he loved it –especially when Harry climbed in it. It was perfect for the size his wolf too and, in this situation, a pleased alpha meant a pleased omega.

"You look so sweet in our nest," Louis cooed, coming closer. "My itty-bitty baby alpha."

Harry growled softly, lifted hand now patting the nest, "come to me."

Louis did, diving into the warmth of Harry and comfort of blankets, "alpha, are you not hungry?"

"I will be very soon. My rut is typically twenty-four to thirty-six hours." Harry licked behind Louis' ear, "are you hungry, omega?"

"Mm, yes –very."

"Okay." Harry got up slowly, groaning at his soreness. "I will bring us something."

"No!" Louis was sore too, his lower back was killing him but he felt good. He was happy to just stay cuddling with Harry in the safety of their room. But Harry was sore to his bones, the alpha had described it as; 'tight skinned', when Louis asked how it felt to be in rut.

Louis pushed the alpha back down and Harry swiftly grabbed the back of his hair, tugging hard. The omega went with it, baring his neck for him, showing he wasn't being threatening. "Alpha..."

Harry bit the thin skin of Louis' collar bone, biting on the chain of his strawberry necklace. "Do not shove me." He kissed him there, mumbling against his skin, "What is it?"

Louis trembled, "I want to get you food please."

"Which means," Harry bit, "I will not be able to see you."

"I-I," Louis purred at the sucking against his sensitive skin, "Mm –I will call for food."

Harry pulled Louis down on top of him, "I think I would like to stay here instead."

"I am very hungry!"

Harry rubbed the plump flesh of Louis' ass, "You are hungry?" Harry growled, pushing his lower half up, "I can feed you."

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