Chapter 2 - Deprived

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"Hello," An alpha woman spoke, "my name is Julie, I am the home doctor."

Louis kept his eyes closed, leaning against the guard. He rubbed his face against Zayn's shirt, ignoring the doctor.

"He will not open his eyes unless the lights are off."

Louis noticed a dimming of light behind his lids. He moved slightly, one hand gripping Zayn's arm. "Mm."

"Hello, omega." Louis flinched at how close the woman sounded. "My name is Julie, what is yours?"


"You are very beautiful, Louis." She grabbed his face gently and Louis practically ran to it. He whined high, grabbing onto her coat. "He is deprived." Julie rubbed his cheek softly, "skinny –hm." She moved away and Louis would have fell forward if not for Zayn catching him. "Yes –very deprived."

Louis opened his eyes slowly, looking around, "wa-ter..."

"Of course, omega." Julie stood, grabbing a bottle of water. "Here, can you hold this?"

Louis cupped the bottle with both hands shaking, "o-open."

She shook her head, "I would like you to try."

Louis lifted a weak hand to the top of the bottle, frustrated when he couldn't get the small top undone. It took a few tries and, when it opened, he started chugging it. Zayn ripped it from his mouth and Louis started crying.

"Calm, omega." Julie was back, rubbing his arm. "You will be very sick if you drink so fast."

Louis kept crying, pressing the palms of his hands into his eyes. "Home –I wa –nt my cave!"

She sighed, "I do not understand our Ruler. –Zayn, bring him here."

Zayn stood, "he will not be happy."

"I do not care, unless he wishes for us to scent him." Zayn left, leaving them alone. Julie gave him a weak smile, "I am sure you are not feeling well." Louis stared at the bottle of water Zayn left beside him. "I will give you water." She grabbed it, holding it to his lips as Harry had. Julie wiped some of his tears away, pulling away the bottle every time he became greedy. "I am here to make sure you are healthy –make sure your wounds are taken care of."

Louis shook his head slowly.

"I must, I was ordered to. You will need to be taken outside as well, to adjust to the light." Julie sighed, "But I can hear your heart from here –it will be pointless if you are so erratic."

Louis tried touching his back then the lump on his head, "hu-rts."

"I know, I saw." She stood, "may you lay on your stomach so that I may see it?" Louis shook his head again. "Please? I am a very good doctor, I swear. I will do my best to not hurt you."

Louis tried turning, needing her help to lay down. He whined when she began rubbing his legs.

"I know, I am sorry." Julie moved away for a moment and it felt so good to lay flat. "Zayn did a number on you." She removed the robe, doing her best to avoid touching the bloody skin. "Alright, I will clean the wounds –it does not look as bad as it may feel, Louis."

Louis didn't respond, flinching when the door opened, revealing a very bothered looking King.

"I am busy."

Julie bowed to him, "I wish for you to be here to calm him. Zayn and I had no plans on scenting him."

"I do not care, Julie. When I am busy, I am busy." Harry huffed, walking closer. He put a hand on the back of Louis' neck, squeezing, "are you cleaning him?"

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