Chapter 38 - In Love

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Harry knocked before entering, eyeing Louis to make sure he could enter. Louis held up a hand, two of their children in arm. "Good morning, strawberry."

"Good morning, alpha. Where did you go?"

"To the kitchen, omega." Harry dipped his head to Liam and Niall who currently each had a baby in hand. He squatted, taking one of his children from Louis. Harry smiled, nuzzling Alaska, "good morning, pup." She whined high, happy, knowing who her father was. He put her face by his scent gland, cupping the back of her head, "my little Alaska."

Louis was smiling wide, bouncing Sitka in his arms, "I am so happy she knows who you are."

Niall pressed kisses to the top of Denali's head, "they are so beautiful, my King. Congratulations again."

"Thank you, Niall."

Liam set Barrow down on his belly, rubbing his little back, "I wonder what they will be."

"For now, they are all blind, I do not care what they are." Louis nodded once at Harry, pleased with his response. "The Kingdom should have been informed by now."

Louis sniffed the air, "I smell food."

"I am heating the food Julie has made you."

Louis quickly looked to Niall when Denali began crying. "Give me him, please." He took him gently, pressing their faces together until he calmed. "Mommy is here."

Harry purred, licking his lips, "I will be back." He set Alaska down close to Louis' leg. "Right back."

It was interesting to see beings that looked like him, that were made from him. It was even weirder to know that they were his. Harry was having many surreal moments and it had only been the morning after they were born. He had questions that he didn't necessarily have before. Harry wanted to know things that Julie had knowledge of -so Julie got to stay.

"Back so soon, my King."

Harry ignored her, taking the food off the stove. "When will their blindness pass?"

Julie looked at Ixion then Atlas, "oh, me?"


She snorted, "give it thirteen to fifteen days." Julie poked around her food, "they will most likely stay in the den for a total of four weeks. Louis will be able to leave, but he will not let them out."

"Hm." Harry served three plates, turning around. "How many bottles-"

"I already told Louis. He will need about four bottles a day per child. His body will produce it."

Harry nodded, "okay." He licked his lips, "it does not matter, truly, but what do you think they are?"

"Hm, I am a pretty good guesser If I do say so myself." Julie nudged Atlas with a wink. "The only one I am sure of, one hundred percent, is Denali. He is an alpha. The rest, I do not know."

"Why do you know Denali is an alpha?"

"His body structure is smaller than the rest, but he is most aggressive when it comes to food. Often, omegas will always fall behind, will starve before fighting for their food. This is specific to when they are born. Who an omega chooses to be after that is their choice."

Harry nodded, glancing at Ixion, "what do you think they will be?"

Ixion looked at his twin before looking back at Harry, "I have not seen them yet, my Ki -Harry."

Harry swallowed, "both of you, come." He grabbed all the plates, balancing them to the den. He turned around, "open it for me."

"Yes." Ixion opened the door slowly, staying in the hall with his brother.

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