Chapter 31 - Circuit

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"Hey," Rose dropped down in front of Julie, stopping the alpha in her tracks. She tilted her head, "where are you going?"

Julie took a deep breath, licking her lips, "can we speak?"

Rose raised a brow, "speak? Is this a miracle?"


"Because the last time I checked, Julie, you do not like speaking to me. You like fucking and leaving."

Julie swallowed, "Rose –we should have never started having sex again."

"We should not have?"

"Can we speak or not?" When the alpha said nothing, Julie turned around. "This was stupid." She stopped at the hand around her wrist. "I do not want to talk about us, Rose."

"Just – go upstairs. I will be there in a moment."

Julie quickly walked past her, ignoring the bows as she entered. She took the stairs two at a time, jogging past a few maids who mumbled a 'hello' to her. Julie entered Rose's room immediately, slamming the door behind her, taking a big whiff of the alpha's smell. Julie knew Rose's scent calmed her, she was her alpha –an alpha that smelled incredible.

Julie growled, dropping her head against the door before removing her shoes. She shrugged off her jacket, sitting on the bed. The alpha looked at the large window that slowly opened. She bit her lip, eyes not shy as they ran over Rose's tall form –covered in muscle, but with curves clean and clear as day in her all-black uniform.

Rose unbuttoned her black jacket, black tank top underneath. "I have an hour." She used the wall to balance herself, lifting her leg to untie her boot laces.

Their eyes caught one another when Rose's second shoe came off.

"I need an ear."

Rose snorted, "Yeah, so did I." She stretched and Julie crossed her legs, licking her lips at the smooth dark skin of Rose's stomach –toned with a piercing in her belly button. "What is it?"

Julie cleared her throat, "Harry."

Rose folded her arms, "He has not come here for two days –we were expecting him after his rut. Is he okay?"

She shrugged, "I think so?"

"Is there something wrong –is he in danger? Should I be at his home right now?"

"No, no, he is safe." Julie groaned, rubbing her face, "I cannot –fuck."

Rose huffed loudly, walking by Julie, her black cargo pants rubbing against her knee. "Julie, I have an hour not a week."

"I know." Julie sighed, "Louis –Rose, please, please promise me you will not tell anyone –promise me?"

Rose turned around, "now I am to be trusted?"

"Rose, I just need to know you will not tell anyone."

"You are so full of shit, it disgusts me."

"You know what," Julie hit the bed with both hands, "I should not have come. You –are impossible."

"Oh, of course I am." Rose rolled her eyes, opening the door to her bathroom, "I am always the impossible one!"

"You are –you are being right now!"

"Yes," Rose stuck her head out of the door, curly hair long and bouncing, "sure, I am the impossible one. I agree."

Julie folded her arms, "why do you make easy things difficult?" She straightened up when Rose came out of the bathroom, smirking angrily, belt undone.

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