Chapter 22 - Soup Spoon

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"Harry!" Louis giggled, running into the alpha's office, "Alpha –oh." He blinked at the other people in the room, bowing, "excuse me."

Ivory grinned at him, "Louis, I heard you were here."

Louis smiled nervously, glancing at Harry to check his expression. The alpha was smiling, not a hint of annoyance on his features, "hi... I was –walking around."

"As you should, omega, this is your home as well." Ivory looked to Harry, "he is as beautiful as I remembered, Harry."

Harry's lip turned into a smirk, licking his lips at Louis, "I am reminded every time I wake."

Louis blushed, rubbing his cheek, "alpha."

Harry held out a hand, "come here, beautiful."

Louis silently walked through the small group, shy, "I wanted to talk to you."

"Of course, they were just leaving, my love." Harry put a hand on Louis' neck, possessive, "I do want for you to meet some more of the council. The Elements festival was not the best time." Louis leaned closer to Harry, wrapping the alpha's other arm around his stomach. "Louis, you know Ivory. This is Cooper, Ally and Harvey."

They bowed, "Louis."

Louis bowed back, "nice to meet you." He moved, pressing his whole back against Harry's front. Harry wrapped both hands around his stomach, kissing the back of his neck.

Ivory smiled, "it is amazing that you were able to bond so quickly. I can see how strong the bond is already, it is beautiful and we are very happy for you."

Louis whined soft but high, "thank you."

Cooper smiled, "beautiful."

Harry nipped gently at his skin, scenting him, "perfection at its best." He kissed the back of his head, "I will see you all later in the week then."

"Yes, my King." They all bowed in union. "You will travel with Louis this week."

"We will travel to different parts of Arizella beginning tomorrow. The people will want to meet him personally. Today we will have lunch with some of our people." Louis nodded silently, relishing in Harry being so possessive, as if someone was going to take him. Harry rocked them left to right, "it will be fun."

"I am sure." Ally gave one more bow, "lovely to meet you, we will be seeing more of each other soon."

"I hope so, have a nice day."

Ivory opened the door for the three, "you both as well. We must hurry to not have Wisler waiting."

"Yes, be safe." Harry left loud kisses on Louis' neck when they left, "how was your adventure?"

Louis bounced on his toes, turning to face Harry, "good. I saw the garden, it is beautiful –even more beautiful than Niall's."

"Well, who do you think began the garden? There was not a garden before."

"Why –did he stop?

"Niall used to come here and garden, read. He sometimes stayed in my office and slept, just to go out but –people do not like to be told how to do their jobs. The gardeners did their job but Niall enjoyed helping –Niall is a little controlling at times and no one likes to be told how to do their job. It was never openly said but their interactions ended just before Niall stopped coming."

Louis touched the open buttons on Harry's shirt, "I see."

"Did they show you past the greenhouse?"

"Yes, stunning. I even saw two flowers that were gifted to you. I have never seen any like it."

"The Camellia and the Chocolate Cosmos."

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