Chapter 37 - Finally

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It was their last day in Circuit.

Louis ate the last of his popcorn, looking around, "I smell something."

Harry looked around, "I am sure you do. You often smell things that I cannot."

"Mm, smells like something I have smelled before." Harry nodded, following Louis and his sniffing nose, "Like something sweet."

"Julie will kill me when she finds out what you have eaten. We have only been here two days, omega."

"She will not know, will she?" Louis looked back at him, raising his brow in challenge.

Harry raised his hands, "not from me."

"Then." Louis sniffed around some more, stopping to wave at Eon. "Eon! Hello!" He smiled, wobbling to the alpha who bowed to him. Louis bowed back but Eon stopped him.

"You do not have to, omega."

"But I already have." Louis fixed his gown, "so it is too late."

Eon chuckled, glancing at Harry, "he is something."

"And my everything." Harry put a hand on Louis' lower back, "we leave today. I would like to thank you for allowing us here. Specifically Louis. He really wanted to come."

"Of course." Eon looked around, "everyone has treated you well, I hope?"

"Very well." Louis smiled brightly, glowing, "I paid for nothing. I can live here forever as long as I am pregnant."

Eon laughed, "we do enjoy spoiling our omegas."

"I love it." Louis leaned forward, "you would not happen to sell fried bread here, would you?"

"Fried bread?"

"It is bread that is fried and covered in powdered sugar."

Harry sighed, "things he should not be eating."

Eon touched his chin, "we do not have that but something similar. Come."

Louis grabbed his husband's hand, dragging him along. "What is the other Pack's name?"


"Are they bigger?"

"We are bigger."

"Why are you not one Pack?"

"We came in as different Packs and we created barriers as any Pack would."

"What do you believe in that they do not?"

"We are very similar in beliefs."

Louis made a face, "then?"

Eon smirked down at him, "you have many questions."

"And you do not have many answers."

Eon laughed when Harry nudged Louis. "You are very funny, omega. I am glad you came to Circuit."

Louis nudged Harry back, hissing, "why are you shoving me?"

"You are being rude."

"I am asking questions."


"Do not call me rude again, Harry Styles." Louis glared, squeezing Harry's fingers, "a Queen is not rude."

"Omega," Eon motioned to the stand. "I think this is what you may be smelling."

Louis made a low noise, watching the workers. He bit his lip hard when the omega shook powdered sugar over the triangle pastry, "what is this?" He licked his lips, taking a deep breath, "I want it." Louis whined when the omega scooped strawberries onto another one. "I want it, please."

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