Chapter 24 - Yellow Polish

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Louis squirmed, arching off the nest with a loud crack in his back. He hummed, clearing his throat, "mm..." The artist looked over at Harry, asleep with an arm over his face. The black wolf hardly fit in the closet, especially when Louis had also been transformed. Louis didn't mind the small space. He welcomed the warmth and safety.

He smiled gently, kissing Harry's black fur, "sweet dreams, alpha."

Louis stretched again, standing up carefully to not wake Harry. His back felt sore but hurt a lot less than it did yesterday. Harry had forced him to transform so that his back would hurt less and heal faster. Louis did, fell asleep and, as usual, woke up in flesh.

The omega opened the closet door silently, closing it behind him. It was still dark when he opened the window, just a glimmer of the sun in the distance. Louis took the moment to look around, admire the scenery. He stretched once more before going to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face –Louis felt extremely well rested.

Louis stretched as he brushed his hair up, putting a little gold clip in it to keep the tip of his fringe back. He found some underwear in their duffel and slid on his soft new robe. Louis twirled around in the mirror, smiling at himself, until his back asked him to stop. He walked out of the bathroom, peeking in on Harry once more before leaving to go downstairs.

Louis' small bare feet made little sound on the tile, more sound came from his robe sliding against the immaculate floor. The noise began when Louis descended the staircase, going down each step carefully. He smiled when two maids stopped to tell him good morning. "Good morning."

"Good morning, you look –incredible, Louis."

Louis looked down, "thank you."

"It is a match to our King's robe, and it looks amazing."

"Thank you so much."

They bowed with big smiles, "how did you sleep, Louis?"

"Very well, thank you." Louis got to the bottom of the stairs, looking around. "Is it this loud every morning?"

"Did we wake you?"

Louis shook his head, "no, I am just hearing many noises."

"Apologies, omega." One bowed her head, "it is. Everyone begins working at this time. The chefs are turning on the stoves, the maids are cleaning bedrooms." She smiled, "we try to have everything down before our King wakes so we are here to greet him. This is a special day because he is already here. We want to make sure, just in case he wakes earlier, that he has whatever he likes."

Louis nodded, "thank you for taking care for him." He smiled softly, "I am sure he appreciates it."

They both bowed before running off and Louis headed straight for the kitchen.

He was stopped by a soft hand on his chest, "omega!" The alpha quickly removed his hand, "my apologies! I was just opening the door."

Louis shook his head, "good morning, it is fine." He peered into the busy kitchen, "may I enter?"

The alpha looked back, "if you wish but," he looked down at Louis' robe, "the floor is clean but not as clean as out here. I would not want you to ruin such a beautiful robe, omega."

Louis looked down before hiking up his robe to his thighs, "now may I?"

The alpha swallowed thickly, bowing with a nod, "yes, omega, if you wish."

Louis walked into the kitchen, blinking when eyes fell on him, "good morning."

The workers looked from his legs to his face, "good morning." One stepped forward, "Good morning, Louis."

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