c h a p t e r LIII

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i'm so sorry guys I know you've been waiting for a while for an update, i had to focus all my attention on school because my grades this year are very important. i hope you've been doing well lately, have a good day or night and be careful loves xx

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Sapphire noticed how the aura in the cafeteria was less frantic than usual as she waited at the end of the line near the door, for her dinner.  The voices were quieter, the lights seemed dimmer, giving an orange glowing tint to the skin and the air was lighter. She couldn't explain the feeling of calmness enveloping her, but it felt serene. The students of Hayward were still at Vela and intended on staying this same evening until their parents arrived to get them, or chauffeurs in a few cases.

Despite the searches the delinquents did in an attempt to find their luggages filled with treasures, or at least what they hoped were treasures, which had been moved to Vela earlier in the morning, none of the Hayward students' belongings got damaged for which Mr. Olsen was grateful. The thought of his face when they were in his office brought a smile to Sapphire's face and a frown when she remembered the 'activity' they'd all have to do.

Her gaze slowly drifted to the table near the centre where her friends sat. Amaya was leaning on Julian as he rested his arm around her shoulders, Enzo kept playing with Aviva's hair which made her cheeks a shade pinker, something Sapphire found quite unusual coming from her, and Maddox was... nowhere to be found.

I could've sworn I saw him not that long ago

The line started moving and she was about to take a few steps forward when a grip appeared on her waist and she was pulled back, out of the cafeteria.

She scowled, "Hey, what the-"

"Stop yelling," a familiar voice whispered in her ear.

She looked up to meet his brown eyes.

"You know Maddox," she smirked, "this could be counted as kidnapping."

He smirked back, "Would you be a stalker then? Because I'm pretty sure you were looking for me."

They stared at each other for a long second before Sapphire spoke with a small smile, "Can I go get my food now?"

He shook his head, "Nah, I got something better, come on."

She frowned and looked back at the cafeteria line with regret before sighing, "Fine."

He took her hand and pulled her towards the stairs with him. Climbing faster than she'd anticipated, they reached the roof not so long after and her eyes grew wide at the treasure before her.

"How- When did you even grab this?" Sapphire observed the food with sparkles of amazement in her eyes.

He smirked, "I skipped the last period."

He'd bought not only tacos from one of her favourite place but also some cupcakes as dessert. A few blankets were laid out on the ground by the edge of the roof where they usually sat, decorated with a few pillows. She took a seat first by the edge, legs dangling above the ground and sat there in amazement before a frown took place on her face.

"So that's where you went when you lied about going to class."

He raised his brow in surprise, "You knew I lied?"

She nodded, "You're not a very good liar."

"What?" Maddox shook his head as he walked towards the food, "I'm an awesome liar what are you talking about?"

Her frowned deepened, "You could barely look me in the eyes, dude."

He waved her off with a small smile and grabbed a taco, "I don't know what you're talking about."

He took a seat on her left, his feet dangling too and just as a silence was about to set she spoke.

"You know," Sapphire started before taking a bite of her taco, "there's something I wonder about."

"What is it?" He inquired.

She smiled, "Are you a flower kind of boy?"

Maddox blinked in surprise.

"So are you?" She asked, her smile growing wider.

He stared at her, chuckling before speaking, "Well I don't know, but I kind of like Daisies I guess, I don't know much about flowers."

Sapphire nodded, "Daisies."

The sunset disappeared from the sky as their voices echoed on the roof accompanied by occurring laughters of their playful banters. They talked about the world, nothing and everything, simply enjoying each other's company and somehow, after minutes that felt like hours, Maddox's arm ended up around her waist while her head rested on his shoulder. A comfortable silence took place around them, the sound of ruffling leaves and soft wind being the only sound in the dark apart from their heartbeats, when the screeching noise of the door caught their attention followed by a voice.

"I knew I'd find you here."

Sapphire turned around and saw Aviva leaning on the door with a smirk.

"Hey Avie," Sapphire chuckled.

"Hey Sapph," her friend answered, "getting pretty cozy up here huh?"

Sapphire frowned, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Aviva chuckled, "We'll talk about it later then, anyways, Enzo asked me to come and get both of you so he can start the phase three of his plan, also told me to threaten you. This is me threatening you."

"Well he's dedicated to his plans," Sapphire laughed.

"Yeah," Maddox nodded, "Once he turned Mr. Olsen's office pink and put barbie posters and glitter everywhere."

"That's awesome," Sapphire grinned before furrowing her brows, "why didn't I think of that?"

Then, before anyone could reply, the door was once more opened, revealing a scowling Amaya on the other side.

"Aviva, your boyfriend is harassing me," she sat down, leaning on the wall by the door, "he didn't even let me finish my sentence to Julian before sending me up here by force!"

"Not my boyfriend."

"Yet," Sapphire whispered with a quiet laughter as Aviva threw her a glare.

"By force?" Maddox repeated, confused.

Amaya nodded solemnly, "He threatened my Jello," a dark look veiled her face, "and he will pay for that unforgivable offence."

"Damn, remind me never to threaten her Jello," Sapphire murmured to Maddox, making him chuckle.

"Threatening a defenceless Jello..." Amaya continued rambling on before she was interrupting by a shrill yell.


The loud noise made Sapphire and Maddox jump in surprise while Aviva shook her head in disapproval. Appearing out of nowhere, Enzo popped his head through the door, the look on his face filled with discouragement.

"Aviva, I thought you said you'd get them??" He exclaimed in shock before his gaze landed on Amaya, "And why are you sitting down on the floor?! You were supposed to get them too!"

Amaya ignored him as she plotted his death.

Aviva shook her head mumbling, "Sometimes, I wonder if you can get any more annoying."

He smirked at her, "Aviva sappiamo entrambi che è per questo che mi ami*."

She blushed for a short second before hitting him in the back of the head, scowling.

"Owww," he whined, "what was that for?!"


We both know that's why you love me*

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