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"Please don't leave me."


"Look who's back to protect mommy."

Lights, sirens

"You have the right to remain silent, everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."





"Wake up."


"Sapphire Cain, you are found guilty of the homicide of Frank Green and possession of a firearm. Seeing as the situation could be seen as self defense in a certain way, you will not be sent to jail but to Vela instead, a school for... particular kids. You'll be starting tomorrow and be spending the rest of your high school years there," ends the judge.

I am so hungry right now, I could use some chips

Sapph focus it's your trial

But it's boringgg

"Sapphire are you even listening?!" the lawyer asked, looking at her in disbelief. Even though her lawyer had known her for the past four years and had helped her stay out of juvie multiple times, the woman always seemed more and more shaken by what Sapphire managed to say. The lady was now looking at the girl like raw anger flowed through her veins as she clutched the folder in her hand aggressively.

Sapphire moved her gaze to the woman absent-mindedly, only adding to her lawyer and the judge's bewilderment, "What? Uh, I mean yeah sure sure , awesome, super cool..."

She looked around the courtroom and her eyes landed on a nearby guard that was leaning on the wall.

"Hey, hey, buddy, yeah you, can you go get me some chips, please?" She whisper-yelled at him.

The guard glared dangerously at her.

"Jeez man chill, just wanted some chips," she muttered to herself, turning back to the judge and lawyer.

"Sapphire!!!" screamed the judge.

"What?!" She asked taking an innocent expression.

He pinched the bridge of his nose then looked at the guards, "All right, get her out of here." The guards moved towards her before grabbing her arms and dragging her out of the courtroom.

"Oh my god, I have an idea let's all tell jokes!! I'll go first," she starts to the guards as they drag her outside,

"What should you do, if you get locked out of your house? ... Talk to the lock, because communication is key." She snorted, obviously finding herself hilarious.

"No? Okay, okay I have another one, What do you call the security outside of a Samsung Store? Guardians of the Galaxy." She starts laughing at her own jokes, "You get it cause it's," she laughs again.

"Okay okay last one, What do we call a crying sister? ... A CRISIS!!!!" She burst out laughing before realizing her laugh was the only she could hear,

"Damn tough crowd."

They dragged her until they were in front of a yellow bus before throwing her roughly inside.

She scoffed as she got up, "Okay, rude."

"Get your filthy hands off me you barbarians!!" A girl with curly hair said, scowling at the guards as they looked at her with a scared look in their eyes.

Sapphire analyzed her as the girl sat down, sending threatening glares at the guards before looking out the window. Her dark brown hair like a tumultuous river, flowing down her back from a high ponytail, the mahogany strands shining in the dark silky sea that was her hair.

She took a quick look at the rest, a small kid not looking older than fourteen was looking around in fright as readjusted a pair of glasses on his nose, his brown hair bringing out his freckles spread on this face. And another boy was leaning in the back as if on a couch, before winking smugly at Sapphire and checking her out shamelessly.

"Hey lil' mama wanna grab my cock?"

"They didn't allow tweezers, sorry," she replied smiling sweetly, before sitting right in front of the girl.

"Hi! I'm Sapphire."

"Aviva," said the girl taking a glimpse at Sapphire before going back to watching the exterior again.

"I'm calling you Avie, so Avie, do you know where we're going, I kinda zoned out during my trial."

Aviva returned her gaze at her raising her eyebrows, "You zoned out, at your own trial?"

"Well you see, I was thinking about chips because I was so hungry and did you know that-, wait that's not important, what was I saying? Oh right, where are we going?" asked Sapphire with a frown.

"We're going to Vela, the reform school for juvenile delinquents."

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