c h a p t e r III

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MADDOX, ENZO, AMAYA, AND Julian  were hiding behind a small wall in the main entrance to observe the kids when they heard Sapphire's words

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MADDOX, ENZO, AMAYA, AND Julian  were hiding behind a small wall in the main entrance to observe the kids when they heard Sapphire's words.

Maddox frowned, "Did she just,"

"Call him a leprechaun," Amaya burst out laughing.

This girl had guts, she just called the principal a leprechaun for God's sake, and Mr. Olsen wasn't known for his exuding kindness and generosity.

"She's gorgeous," Enzo stared at her lasciviously almost drooling.

Maddox looked back at her, sure she wasn't ugly with her golden hair and small figure he thought, before realizing Enzo wasn't talking about the blond girl. Maddox followed his gaze to a girl next to her with brown curly hair who was crying in laughter.

Julian smirked at Enzo, "You're drooling Moretti."

Enzo quickly checked his mouth before glaring at Julian, "Not funny dude."

"Awww, baby Renzo has a crush," Amaya started singing, "Do you want me to help pass the love letters in class?? Or maybe you could put some in her locker!! That may be kind of creepy though," Amaya said thinking.

Enzo then glared at her before speaking sarcastically, "Thank you for the advice, Amaya."

"Don't glare at her," Julian warned putting his arm around Amaya's waist.

"Don't glare at her," Enzo mimicked in high pitched voice.

Julian narrowed his eyes, "I heard that."

They continued bickering when an alarm interrupted  them. The blond girl had an innocent look on her face as the guards took out their handy metal detector.


Maybe if I knock them out they'll forget the metal detector rang and I'll be able to pass without trouble

And once you did that what will you do huh?

Tell them they all just fell asleep suddenly at the same time?

The guard started passing the metal detector around her and stopped when it was beeping in her front pocket.

"What's in your pocket?" The guard asked suspiciously.

I could just say a bomb

Probably not the best idea

"A bobby pin," she answered taking the bobby pin out hoping they wouldn't check again.

The guard stared at her for a second before nodding. Mr. Olsen, the supposedly principal, was still glaring at her for what she had just said.

"You know leprechauns are awesome, they live at the end of rainbows and they have a pot of gold," she said shrugging with her eyebrows raised.

If he glares harder, his face will be stuck that way

The rest of the kids passed through the metal detector before the guards and Mr. Olsen led them to a hall before stopping in front of an elevator.

"Each grade in the school is separated from the others so you won't be in contact with them and will barely see them," Mr. Olsen started, "And every grade is separated in levels to differentiate the most dangerous teens from the less dangerous. You'll get a student guide from your level that will have the task to show you around the school and tell you about the rules."

He turned to Sapphire, "You won't, you'll have a guard that will assess the danger you represent to others for three days."

She frowned, "But I'm just a poor little girl, what harm could I possibly do?"

"Do I need to answer that question?" Mr. Olsen replied.

Sapphire's expression changed to a cold one void of emotions, "No."

"Great now, get in, I'll tell you your dorm numbers, everything you need is there including your schedule and your locker number. Uniforms are in the closets and school material already in your locker. You have your last day of freedom today before school starts tomorrow," he said getting in.

"Charlie Donovan room 235, Adrian Beckett room 427, Aviva Rossi room 423, and Sapphire Cain room 502."

They all got off on their floor, each of them accompanied by a guard until the only ones left were Sapphire, Mr. Olsen, and a guard.

They got off the elevator and Sapphire observed the silent corridor in front of her. No sound could be heard besides their footsteps.

"CHICKEN NUGGET!!!" She yelled and it echoed through the hall.

"What the hell?!" The guard exclaimed.

"Just testing to see if there was an echo," she shrugged.

"Crazy delinquents," he mumbled as he walked towards her dorm.

"Here's your dorm, I'll be back tomorrow seeing as I'm the guard that's going to be with you for the next three days," he said already walking away in a hurry.

"Wait!! Why is it so quiet here?" She asked.

"There are only two levels five in this section, including you," he answered before the elevator doors closed.


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