c h a p t e r XLII

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THEY WERE NOW STANDING on the roof, Ciara, Xander and Elias' lives in the hands of those crazy kids that were their guides.

"That's it," Elias shook his head when Aviva threatened to push him for the third time, "I'm going back downstairs."


"Did you hear that, he calls us delinquents instead of Vela students, how offensive can he be," Aviva exclaimed as Mr. Olsen burst the door open.

"Gingey, I agree with Avie here," Sapphire started in front of the enraged Mr. Olsen, "Why do you qualify us as delinquents, criminals even while those snobs are properly called Hayward students."

The now red in anger principal was about to answer but Xander stopped him.

"Who are you calling a snob?!"

"You people are delinquents," Elias added, "No one will call you angel."

"Maya did once," Julian thought out loud.


Sapphire raised her hand, as if to ask a question in a classroom, "Are you married Gingey, because all that shouting-"

She was stopped by the threatening glare he sent her way and she chuckled nervously, "All of a sudden, I miss the classroom, let me go back down."

And down the stairs she went, followed by the others and Mr. Olsen. The bell rang not too long after indicating the end of the period. Not before saying her goodbyes to Aviva, Sapphire headed to the lockers to change for her second class which was PE.

Once changed, she arrived on the windswept field followed by Julian. The wind blew in her blonde curls as she fought against it to put them in a ponytail. Spotting Maddox and Enzo who were standing in a crowd of students, most trying to converse with them, Sapphire started moving towards them. Enzo was laughing playfully with a few of his friends and Maddox was smirking at words spoken by another of his classmates. Their frames were amongst the tallest in the group and all the attention seemed to be on them, something happening often she had noticed.

The Hayward students, refusing to mix with the teenagers they deemed a threat, stood on the opposite side, whispering between themselves while stealing glances at the delinquents. They were wearing the white shirt and black shorts at Vela's effigy perfectly compared to Vela's students whose girls had rolled the shorts incredibly high and some had even transformed the shirts into crop-tops while half the boys' shirts were either ripped or absent.

"Damn it, the wind is ruining my hair," Julian whined as he continuously passed a hand through his messy blond strands.

"Good, maybe it'll start looking somewhat normal," Sapphire said, her usual smile on her face.

He gaped at her answer, keeping the expression until they'd reached their friends. A warm wave of happiness engulfed Sapphire's heart when Maddox's smirk changed into a genuine smile at her sight.

"Missed me?" She smirked.

He rolled his eyes and shook his head as a small smile played on his lips. His dark hair like hardwood was disheveled and falling over his face while the morning sun highlighted his muscled and lean frame gracing him with soft shadows.

"Okay class, I want you people to start with three laps, then fifteen pushups and after that we'll start the class," The physical-education teacher shouted from where he stood between the two hordes.

"I'm not doing this bullshit!" A girl from Hayward shouted, her hand on her hip.

The teacher frowned, "What do you mean you're not doing it?"

Another boy spoke up, "This is completely and utterly useless, we're not doing that."

"You know, if it's because you can't run a lap, you can admit it, this is a safe place," Julian replied.

"Yeah," someone else from Vela added, "Using those small brains all the time, your muscles must not get enough exercise, we understand."

"Yeah well you must have experience with small brains," the girl from Hayward shouted back.

"Okay, okay, let's all dial the shouting down!!" The teacher yelled. "EVERYONE is going to run FOUR laps, yes I said FOUR and do their pushups, and the first one I see on the ground will be running laps for the rest of the day is that clear?"

"You can't force us to run!!!" The same girl yelled.

Enzo shivered, "He can."

"Experience?" Sapphire chuckled.

"Twice," Enzo answered with a horrified expression, "Two whole days, running, and why? Because I spent the class looking for my Play-Doh I had dropped, talk about insensitivity."

"WHAT WAS THAT MORETTI?" The man shouted.

"NOTHING!!" Enzo yelled in a hurry.

Maddox, Sapphire and Julian laughed before they started running.

Once their laps were done, they quickly did their pushups, eager to go in the basketball court. Sapphire was about to grab a ball when her arm was gripped by Enzo and she was dragged near the tree.

"Sapph, I need your help," Enzo started in panic.

"Did you lose another one of your toys?" Maddox who had been dragged too asked.

Enzo shook his head, "My friend I've called that's in the military got back to me. He's letting Aviva's father come back for three days."

Sapphire beamed, "THIS IS-"

Maddox put a hand over her mouth, "Don't yell."

He took off his hand and she hugged Enzo, "She's going to be so happy Enzo!!"

He smiled although something else glinted in his eyes, "I know, but now I'm scared, everything has to be perfect, I can't mess it up and what if-"

"You are overthinking this," Maddox said, "Relax, the fact her father she hasn't seen in months-"

"A year," he corrected.

"The fact he's going to be there, is already a proof of all the efforts you did," Maddox reassured, "Don't stress yourself."

Enzo nodded, "Okay, thanks."

Maddox nodded in response and they did their bro hug.


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