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AFTER THE LITTLE INCIDENT, Sapphire had earned herself a speech by the teacher affected and Ricardo, and she was now sitting in detention with Aviva as they played tic-tac-toe.

"I won!!" Aviva yelled for the fifth time.

Sapphire narrowed her eyes at her friend, "You're cheating aren't you."

Aviva sighed, "You do realize I'm playing right in front of you."

Sapphire kept her eyes narrowed and was about to add something when a voice interrupted her.

"I am going!!! Jeez."

Julian entered, "Oh hey guys!"

"Hey Julian," Aviva answered while Sapphire was analyzing the sheet of paper trying to find where Aviva had cheated.

I know she cheated

"What are you doing here?" Aviva asked him.

"AH HAH!" Sapphire then yelled pointing at specific round line on the sheet.

"It was a circle and you drew an X on it, I knew it," Sapphire said triumphantly.

Aviva simply shook her head and blew on the sheet, "It's a hair."

Goddamn it

Enzo and Amaya then walked in.

"Hey guys," Enzo said to them or more precisely Aviva, before narrowing his eyes at Sapphire.

Small pieces of slime were still visible in his hair as he sat down in front of Aviva.

Amaya pecked Julian's lips before sitting beside him.

"What did you do to get here?" Julian asked her.

"They caught me smoking again," she sighed.

He pulled her chair closer and put an arm around it.

And that's when Enzo decided to warn Sapphire, "You know Sapphire, Maddox will be here in about fifty seconds, and pulling out green slime of his hair is not his favourite way to spend time."

Sapphire paled, "Oh shit."

Amaya smirked, "Green slime?"

"She made a bomb," Aviva explained.

"That's why he was so mad in the bathroom," Julian realized.

Sapphire jumped out of her seat and she rushed out of the classroom. Or she tried, she ran into a chest making her fall on her butt.

Maddox was towering over her.

Damn he's really tall

Not the moment Sapphire

And out of nowhere he pulled out a giant water bottle and emptied it on her head.

"You little shit," she glared at him as she got up.

He glared back, "You started it with the slime."

"Because you didn't let me go when I was running from Ricardo!"

"Because you are annoying!"

"Well now I have to go dry myself so I'll be back in a second," she said narrowing her eyes at Maddox before leaving the classroom.

The little fucker if my earrings are wet I will hurt him

She got in the bathroom and started drying her shirt and her hair when a hand appeared around her neck and pressed her against the wall and another grabbed both her wrist pressing them on her back restraining her.

"What the hell?!" She shouted.

"You think you can just humiliate me like that?" Adrian's voice said from behind her.

"You pussy, you had to bring how many people again with you? Six, seven?" She replied laughing.

"Shut up!" He shouted adding pressure around her neck.

"You had to go after me when I was alone in the fucking bathroom," she continued.

"You better shut the fuck up right now!!"

She laughed again, "Or what, you'll go get your little friends to fight for you? Why don't you let me go and I'll show you how to fucking fight."

He tightened his grip and she started having problems breathing. That's when her instincts took over, she hit his toe with the heel of her foot loosening his grip just enough for her to turn and punch him in the ribs at the exact same place she had hit the day before.

He stumbled and she took the opportunity to roundhouse kick him in the jaw knocking him to the ground.

"I'm giving you one last chance but I swear to God that if you come after me or any of my friends again, I'll put you in a coma for the next ten years of your life," she said in a dangerously cold tone.

She checked herself in the mirror, red marks were visible at the back and left side of her neck and her wrists were red. She loosened her hair letting it fall on her back covering the marks and pulled on her sleeves to cover her wrists before walking over Adrian's limp body and going back to the classroom.

"Where were you Miss Cain?" A very angry principal asked.

Sapphire smiled, "Chasing after unicorns, Gingey."


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