c h a p t e r XLIII

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AS SHE SAT IN chemistry, Sapphire's thoughts slowly drifted to her mother while the deadening voice of her teacher was subconsciously tuned out. That feeling of drowning every time the familiar blue eyes flashed in her mind had decreased since she had first started at Vela. She suspected her friends and particularly Maddox to have something to do with that, how when she spent time with them, playful laughters and cinnamon warmth invaded her broken heart, making it feel as if it was back in a single piece once again.

Her mother had been a gentle soul, with a name fitting her perfectly as if her parents before her already knew the delicate light she would possess. Neleh. While Sapphire had golden hair like the sun, her mother's were as dark as the night, like a galaxy holding the stars of her wispy personality. Their features were similar but the most striking resembling aspect between their physics were their eyes. A mix of storm and sunlight, a glint made of subtle wonders of life shared between them, or so she liked to believe they would've if her mother had never met Frank.

Simply thinking of him caused an unwanted fire to spread in her lungs, and while drowning in grief was a feeling she constantly endured, the one of bursting in anger and sad frustration was one occasionally popping up, but consuming nonetheless. And just as she clenched her fists, the teacher's sharp tone interrupted her thoughts.

"Sapphire, could you tell the class what is so interesting about the floor that made you want to look at it for half the class?"

Sapphire's eyes made way back first to the board then the teacher's eyes. She was grateful in that instant for the sudden distraction her chemistry teacher had caused.

"Well sir, shouldn't I ask you that question?" She gave him a devilish smile, "Why were you so boring that I had to resort to the floor to find entertainment?"

The teacher scowled, "This is a teaching environment, for you to learn and not to be entertained Miss Cain now listen..."

Sapphire didn't hear the rest of the teacher's rant seeing as her mind drifted elsewhere before she could help it, and soon enough the bell rang. She headed to her locker where Aviva was waiting for her and together they reached the cafeteria.

If she'd thought the room had been chaotic when they'd first arrived, it was nothing compared to now. The cafeteria was in general separated by an invisible line made of pride. On her right sat the students of Hayward and on her left those of Vela. While on the left the teenagers held malicious smiled and wicked auras, on the right the students were almost all the epitome of pretentious looks and elegant grace. They held their head high, something Sapphire admired, although their fright was transparent to the students avid for confrontations. In the far away back, next to the tall metal framed windows, small crowds gathered  for what she imagined were fights or drug deals. Guards and teachers ran around, mostly on the left side of the cafeteria to stop the running students throwing things going from pudding to knives at each other.

The two girls took their food and sat at the empty table in the middle reserved for them, a table no other student dared approaching.

Sapphire started eating, her glowing burger being way too enticing for her to wait for the rest of her friends to begin gorging herself, when a boy came up to her.

He wasn't that tall nor that small, just average. His eyes were a pale brown and his hair a soft blond. The deep pink of his lips contrasted against his pale skin and he revealed a crooked smile as he spoke to her for the first time.

"You're hot for a delinquent," he smirked.

Sapphire, confused as why some boy from Hayward she didn't know would come up to her, started looking around trying to spot the person to whom the boy was talking to.

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