c h a p t e r XXIV

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AFTER THE LITTLE ADVENTURE, they'd all decided to put some of the blankets on the car to create some sort of fort on and in it. Lachlan was laying on one of the blankets dead asleep on the ground, Ayla and Hunter were sitting on the grey hood while Maddox and Sapphire were in the trunk that was left open.

Maddox took a glance at Sapphire who was just gazing at the sky, lost in a world of thoughts. Her hair seemed darker in the shadows of the night, her usual golden curtain had changed into earthy tone waves, softly reflecting the moonlight. Hues of blue could be seen in the storm that was her eyes, powerful and elegant in a way.

This girl whom he had known for only a few days had make him feel things he hadn't felt in a long time.

Her voice brought him back to reality.

"Are Ayla and Hunter a couple?" She whispered turning her gaze to him.

He tilted his head in her direction, a smile playing on his lips, "No."

She looked back at the sky, "But he loves her."

Maddox followed her gaze for a second before looking back at her, "They're not a couple because even though he has feelings for her, he's not sure if it's reciprocal."


The way he looked at her, she could swear they weren't talking about Hunter and Ayla anymore.

"What are you guys talking about?" Hunter asked appearing over them on the roof of the car.

"We're talking about how we're going to fill your room with butterflies," Sapphire answered smiling wickedly.

His expression changed into a terrified one, "You wouldn't you evil chicken nugget."

She grinned wider, "Oh yes I would."

Hunter gasped before he whispered-yelled, "Ayla!!! Sapphire's making threats!!!"

Ayla appeared next to him and high-fived Sapphire making Maddox chuckle and Hunter gasp, "You traitor, you're supposed to be on my side for life Ayla."

Ayla tilted her head, "You know we're not married, right?"

Hunter mirrored her movement, "Aren't we?"

She rolled her eyes before her head disappeared as she retook her place on the hood.

Hunter leaned towards Maddox and Sapphire as if he was about to tell them a secret.

"We're actually not married, but I've already planned everything," and with a wink he went back next to Ayla leaving the others alone again.

"People I'm hungry!!" Lachlan whined as he woke up and stood up stretching.

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