c h a p t e r LVI

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I'M SENSING DÉJA-VU, Sapphire thought as they all waited outside for Mr. Olsen to start naming the people on the three pre-determined teams.

"Alright, on the Blue Team we have Johnny Marshalls..."

Zoning out after the first name was called, Sapphire turned to Aviva, "What if I'm in the same team as him? What do I do then??"

His earlier words had frozen her. She wasn't surprised, it was to be expected after all the almost-kisses they'd had, but still, it hadn't stopped the butterflies from fluttering in her stomach.

Aviva placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, "Sapph it's going to be fine just-"

"Avivaaa, we're not on the same team," Enzo whined, wrapping his arms around Aviva's shoulders, "what am I going to do without your negative energy to support me?"

She frowned, "First of all my energy is not negative and second of all I was talking with Sapph here."

Enzo smirked, "Was it about Maddox because I heard he-"

Aviva placed her hand on his mouth, "Shush you'll make it worse."

Sapphire groaned, "Oh god."

"Hey, guys!" A voice then shouted through the crowd.

Familiar platinum hair swung as the girl walked with the grace of a ballet dancer on the grass.

"Ayla!" Sapphire smiled.

"Did you hear we're on the same team with Enzo," she smiled.

Sapphire silently thanked God she wasn't with Maddox— Ayla would've said something.

"That's great!"

"Babe we're together!" Julian then said hugging Amaya who mirrored his beaming expression.

"They're cute don't you think?" Aviva whispered to Sapphire who narrowed her eyes at her in response.

"You're just loving this aren't you?"

"A little," she nodded smiling.

Hunter then arrived followed by Lachlan, a conflicted expression on his face, "Hey guys, did you hear the teams?"

"Not all of them," Sapphire shook her head.

"Well I'm with Amaya and Julian on the Blue Team, Ayla is with you and Enzo on the Red one, and Lachlan is with Aviva and Maddox on the Yellow one."


"Did you guys hear we have to choose team captains?" Amaya added.

"I barely heard anything he said," Aviva said frankly.

Their conversation continued when Sapphire was pulled to the side by no other than the person she was desperately avoiding. Immediately she felt her cheeks warming up a little as she realized he was still holding her hand.

What is wrong with me??

"Hey," he said in a low voice which made something in her chest stir.


"Hi," she replied.

He paused before speaking again, "You know about this morning, you don't have to say anything okay? I just wanted to get it off my chest I don't expect anything from you."


"So we're fine?"



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