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"BUT I'M GOING TO miss you Ricky," Sapphire said wiping a fake tear, "how am I meant to survive in this shit hole we call the world without you?"

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"BUT I'M GOING TO miss you Ricky," Sapphire said wiping a fake tear, "how am I meant to survive in this shit hole we call the world without you?"

It was now Thursday morning and Ricardo had just announced Sapphire he was going back to being a normal guard since her three days had came to an end.

Ricardo sighed, "Sapphire, as I told you 30 seconds ago, I still work in the school, I just won't be there all the time to accompany you to class."

"But Ricky, your constant yelling has grown on me, am I just supposed to forget all the wonderful moments we've had?" She said dramatically.

He looked at her confused, "What wonderful moments? When you drenched me in pink water with glitters?"

She waved him off, "Details are not important, what is important is that you're breaking a long time friendship."

"We literally met a four days ago."

"Shush, don't you feel the powerful bond we have?!"

Maddox came out of his room at that moment bringing hope in Ricardo's eyes.

"Knight!! I never thought I would say this, but I am frankly happy to see you now come take your crazy girlfriend away from me."

Sapphire gasped offendedly, "Crazy? Ricky that hurts, do you really want our friendship to end so poorly?"

Maddox drifted his perplex gaze from Sapphire to Ricardo before muttering something about too much shit for him and walking away.

"Nooo, come back!!" Ricardo shouted causing Maddox to walk faster away as Sapphire chuckled evilly.

They spent a few more minutes arguing before Sapphire decided to let him leave after convincing him to come see her everyday. She then headed to the cafeteria for breakfast where everyone else was.

Taking her tray, she walked to her friends' table.

"What took you so long Sapph?" Aviva asked suspicion lacing her voice, thinking another Adrian situation might've come up.

She put a hand over her heart as she sat with them, "getting my heart broken, that's what."

Maddox chuckled, "So dramatic."

She hit his arm, "I'm not dramatic, Ricky is leaving me, he said he was only supposed to supervise me for the first three days so now Riphire is over." She made big hand mouvements as she said 'Riphire.'

"Riphire," Enzo mocked her.

She narrowed her eyes at him, "You're just jealous you don't have an awesome team name."

"Sure I am," Enzo chuckled eating his cereals.

The day went by fast and before they knew it was Friday morning. Sapphire had therapy as her first period to her disappointment. She headed to Mr. Dubois' office, walking until she saw the glass doors. She opened one and got in letting the warm and comfortable aura engulf her. Sun rays were passing through the window, the curtains framing it on each side.

"Sapphire, it's good to see you," Henry smiled at her as readjusted his glasses on his nose and took out a notebook.

"It's good to see you too Henry," she took place on the couch and waited for him to be ready.

He stopped writing and looked up to her, "So are you ready to talk about the reason of your presence at Vela?"

She was.

Taking a deep breath she narrated her memory the best she could as she had done a few days earlier with Maddox.

Mr. Dubois didn't interrupt her once, he simply listened, taking a few notes here and there.

Once she was done they talked some more and as she left his office it was like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She felt like a butterfly ready to take off.

Most of her afternoon classes were with Maddox to her joy.

'This is going to be a problem isn't it' she thought as her heart made a little cartwheel at the thought of being with Maddox during the afternoon.

And so the afternoon passed by pretty slowly and finally it was the weekend.

Generally the delinquents got to go home on friday nights, except for her and Maddox of course. The level five of Vela could only go home once a month and that was at the end of the month. So they were both stuck there for the next two weekends.

She was currently waiting with Aviva, Amaya, Julian, Enzo and Maddox for their parents to arrive and get them when two rich-looking people came out of a black Lamborghini eyeing the rest of the parents and delinquents in disgust.

"Can they make it even more obvious they're disgusted?" Amaya scoffed.

"Who's parents are they? I've never seen them before," Enzo asked as he frowned.

The man and woman started walking in a certain direction before stopping in front of... Adrian.

A bad feeling appeared in Sapphire's stomach as the scene unfolded before her eyes.

The man started yelling at him while Adrian kept his head down avoiding eye contact, when a slapping sound resonated around them.

Adrian's head had slightly turned at the impact and his cheek was now red from his father's hand.

"Oh god.." Aviva covered her mouth with her hand and Enzo wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

Sapphire clenched her jaw at the familiar sound, a sound she knew better than anyone. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes but she blinked them back and took a deep breath.

Adrian squeezed his eyes shut for a second before reopening them as his parents walked away to talk with Mr. Olsen and some guards.

Sapphire decided to go talk to him.

"Adrian," she said quietly not wanting to attract his parents' attention who were walking to their car.

He turned in her direction and his sad expression hardened, "What do you want Sapphire?"

What did she want? Sapphire had never been a fan of Adrian since his first words on the bus but no one deserved to be treated like that. Why didn't Adrian do something? He was taller than his father and probably stronger so what was stopping him?

"Adrian, you can't let him treat you that way, no one deserves that."

He shook his arm away from her furiously, "What do you care Sapphire?! You never liked me okay, I don't need nor want your pity so you can keep it to yourself," and with that he entered his parents car.

Sapphire stood still stunned by his words. She didn't know why she was surprised this kind of reaction was expected.

"Sapphire, you can't force him to talk," Maddox said quietly as he put an arm around her waist gently in support.

I know..

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