c h a p t e r XLVI

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"ARE YOU GIRLS DONE with the gossiping?!" Ford shouted from inside the storage room. "We have some organizing to do, so if you could maybe move your asses back here, it would be appreciated."

Sapphire rolled her eyes and walked back in with the girls.

"Didn't know you missed us so much," Amaya smirked.

One of the boys rolled his eyes and the rest ignored her. They all got to work, the girls bantering together and the boys trying to show off their intelligence.

Everything had gone smoothly for the most part until one of the boys had almost kicked the door stopper earning a warning from Aviva.

"Watch where you're going, I am not getting locked up in here with Vela students," Ford added.

Sapphire gasped, "What?! And be denied the greatest blessing of your life? People would pay to spend time with me."

Amaya laughed, "No they wouldn't."

Sapphire was going to give a playful reply, but Aviva's voice interrupted her.

"Stop fucking playing with it, we'll get stuck here," she said as she held the stack of boxes in her hands.

The boy pretended to kick it, "Like this?"

Aviva shook her head and muttered some italian swear under her breath added with a 'stupid boy.'

And that's when the boys kicked it for real this time and the door slammed shut before he had the time to catch it.

Sapphire frowned at him, "I'm not really sure what it was you were trying to achieve here."

He kept staring at the door with a horrified expression before slowly turning back to the rest, "Oops?"

Aviva shot a volleyball at his head.

"Oww, okay, I deserved that," he said rubbing his forehead.

"Damn right you did," Amaya said, shaking her head in exasperation. She took out her phone and tapped on it for a few seconds before letting out a sigh, "I have no signal."

Sapphire finished placing the last polls on the rack before sitting on a stack of cheerleading mattresses, placing herself above the others by a few feet when she spoke, "Gingey will be back in like fifteen minutes, you don't need to panic no one will get hurt."

"She says, playing with her knife," Amaya chuckled.

Sapphire stopped playing with it, she hadn't even realized she took it out.

"I thought weapons weren't allowed," Ford said with a gulp.

"They aren't."


And so they waited, fifteen minutes passed then thirty and soon enough it had been an hour since they'd been locked in.

"We're all going to die in here!!" One of the boys yelled from the ground.

The three boys were laying on their back and the girls sat above them on the mattresses.

Amaya rolled her eyes, "Will you shut up for fuck's sake."

"I feel it," the boy who had accidentally shut the door said, "I'm going to have an anxiety attack."

Aviva shook her head while pinching the bridge of her nose, "If you say one more word I will be the cause of your anxiety attack."

"Oh shut your mouth," Ford sneered as he readjusted his glasses, "We all know you're not going to do shit so stop acting tough, any of us could take you out."

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